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constantly hungry & overconsuming calories :(

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Hello everyone,

I have been a vegan for 10 years now and have started serious weight training about a year ago. I am 165cm, weigh 57 kg and am 23 years old (20% body fat). I do 1 hour of weights + 1 hour of cardio per day with 1 off day per week. I have always been able to maintain my weight by "eating until I felt full" but since I started trying to get my bodyfat down I realized I would need to cut calories and this is proving difficult.

The problem I am having is that I almost constantly feel hungry, even after big 900 calorie meals... Protein powder seems to help but there's only so much I can use of it per day... Because I feel so hungry I find it hard to stay under 3000 calories/day. My aim would be to get it down to 2100-2200 but I am not sure how I can do this without bingeing protein powder all the time? Especially with vegan foods being so high in carbs and calories? Even complex carbs don't fill me up for long. I can eat 300g (uncooked) of quinoa (the pack says 'serves 7' and I still feel hungry within an hour...)


Any input would be most appreciated as I am still only a beginner so...


Thank you for your help!



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Hey Noralie,


Couple ideas:

Have you considered intermittent fasting at all? Its already the start of the month, but for June, perhaps you could implement a fixed period of fasting each day?


Also, one hour of cardio is a pretty hefty amount each day, so you will naturally burn more calories. Perhaps decreasing the amount of cardio each day will help?


Also, it could be a lot of mind over matter.

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Hello JubNZ,

Thank you for your kind reply and for giving me so much food for thought! I am still trying to find my way so will definitely consider what you have said. I haven't tried the intermittent fasting but it is a good idea. If that could work I could lay off on some cardio as well! Thanks!


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One hour of cardio is too much and has been shown to increase hunger. Cut it at least in half and do high intensity intervals. 60 seconds easy, 60 seconds (or even 30 to start) balls to the wall. You can do this on a treadmill powerwalking on an incline. I do 15% incline and my balls to the wall is 5.0mph. the easy pace is 3.5. you could also try a bike but i find that my heart rate wont go as high if biking rather than treadmill. you also may be hungry if you are eating three big meals a day - try doing 6 - i eat 6 times a day (well ill admit i binged on ice cream, pb, bananas, and clif bars last night but i keep it to once a week and i just finished a competition) - each of my meals around about 300 calories and that gives me a little under 1800 cals a day. most of the hunger for me is mental so i can just tell myself you have 1.5 more hrs til u can eat again. spread your meals out so you dont overeat. for weight loss focus on increasing the intensity of your weights routine and if your cardio is easy or enjoyable (and it must be if you can endure 60 minutes) its basically useless since your body is totaly adapted to it. also make sure you are drinking at least a gallon of water a day.

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HI jungleinthefrunk,

Thanks for your in-depth reply and for educating me about the cardio!! I Also appreciate your tips on spreading meals. Will give it a try this week! Thank you! I am glad I posted here!


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Try a big salad of raw leafy greens.


The human body isn't adapted to eating processed foods and it eventually tries to compensate for the missing nutrients by telling you to eat more foods low in vitamins and minerals. The poor nutritious foods trick our brains.

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