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How do I get a more defined stomach?

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1. Lose more overall bodyfat, if you aren't lean enough, even the biggest abs won't show (I'm a prime example of that).


2. Never hurts to work your abs at least semi-regularly, but if you do lots of heavy squats/deadlifts/standing overhead presses, you'll get a lot of indirect ab work that will help as well.


They say great abs are built in the kitchen, there's a lot of truth to it!

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What does it look like when you wake up in the morning? It's not uncommon for vegans in particular to consume a large volume of food, and for it to cause their stomachs to stick out until it digests. So if your stomach "bulge" is gone in the morning, then I wouldn't worry about it, it's obviously not fat. If you consistently have a bulge though, then that might be fat.


If it's fat then follow VeganEssential's advice.

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