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High calorie and protein recipes for bulking

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I'm looking for figure out what my maintenance calorie intake is. I'm looking for some recipes that I can use during a bulk phase that will be high in calories and protein, and that I can also cut back the portions for cutting and maintenance phase. I make all my meals from scratch and so am having difficulty gauging their calorie content. Does anyone have any staples that they swear by with approximate calorie content (or recipe websites that list calorie content) that I can use to get an idea what I should be consuming given my workout, job and lifestyle?



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Not a recipe I know, but you could use the myfitnesspal.com website/app to find out exactly what is in the food you're making. It's a bit of a PITA weighing everything and logging it, but if you create recipes using the ingredients then you only need to do it once per meal type, as long as the ingredients are the same each time. It's a fantastic tool.

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