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Female BB YouTube - Post questions I will answer!!

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Hoping to build this up to where I can do Q&A. As of now it's just a vlog..


I am hoping that I can help someone people who have questions, especially females from newbs to novice - I have three competitions under my belt and I'm considered pro now. I've gone through a transformation myself so I can relate to all levels of fitness - please ask away!! Thanks!



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I'm not a woman, but I want to know what worked best for you to lose fat keeping your lean mass (getting shredded)?

I'm currently experimenting decreasing my sodium intake and jumping rope fasted for 15 minutes early in the morning =)

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Awesome! I've been following your journal quite a lot recently, and something that's been on my mind is how did you start out weight training before you had a trainer? I've been weight lifting for about 3/4 months now, but I'm very aware that I could do more and progress much faster with a spotter. I'm the only woman in the gym who lifts though - and no men will want to spot me because at the moment I'm lifting much less weight than them, and can't afford a trainer...

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Thanks for the advice, I posted a comment/reply to you video to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNZssk_Izc8

What I said:

For myself I would like to get leaner looking just to look better.

So to sum it up:

1. Be patient and persistent

2. 1 gram protein for 1 lbs. of body weight

3. Lower carbs, not sure by how much or what’s a good amount?

4. Find current calories and reduce by what… 10-15%?

5. Weight training and high intensity cardio

6. Be patient and persistent



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I would say reduce calories by 10% to start (after fats are about 20% of your calories, reduce the rest from carbs) and measure your progress weekly. Yes Weight training and HIIT cardio, but you can't really do more than 30 minutes a day so if you need to create a larger deficit if you hit a plateau then you should consider adding steady state cardio (incline treadmill walking or biking with resistance are what I would recommend). Thanks for watching and commenting!

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