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Female BB YouTube - Post questions I will answer!!

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Kenny's Question - How Can I look more like a bodybuilder?





Bodybuilders don't necessarily require more time under load/tension, they require more contractions per unit of time, techniques such as zone training / J-Reps, and 1 1/4 reps are perfect for this specific goal. Such techniques are less strength orientated, and more focused on creating a greater level of congestion within the muscles in a shorter time frame, producing a better bodybuilding effect. Moreover a technique such as zone training keeps the tension consistent throughout the "entire" range of motion. There are other elements that come into play here aswell, training variation, genetics etc.


Personally i feel a combination of such techniques mentioned above, along with power / strength training is best for the bodybuilder, if you look back to the bodybuilders of yesteryear, such as Reg Park, Steve Reeves, John Grimick, Chuck Sipes etc, you'll see these guys had developed outstanding physiques, but also, they were incredibly strong, and they were tremendously athletic for their size, they used a combination of powerlifting, cumulative fatigue, and hypertrophy specific training. In more modern times, the likes of Mike O Hearn's powerbuilding approach is ideal. Best of both worlds.


With regards to lower back issues, I also have a herniated disc, on most days i'm in a degree of pain. I have't to admit though, i was too quick to dismiss squats and deads completely from my routine, i now see that was a BIG mistake. True, you can hit the legs well using leg presses, leg extension, leg curls etc, but without squats and deadlifts (or variations of them), one can really develop a weak link in the lower back, or worsen an already weak link. For me Hip Belt Squats, Bench / box squats, Romanian deadlifts and even trap bar deads work just fine. No discomfort.




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I have 2 questions if possible!...


I'm new to veganism but have been a vegetarian for just over 6 months, I'm also completely new to the gym.


I want to get fit and toned but I'm not sure where to start, Where would you recommend I should start? Get fit and then get toned? Or do it all together?


And also what foods would you recommend that I should incorporate into my diet, and what foods are best for pre and post workout


Thank you!!!


Steffie x

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