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Texas Meet-up?


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I know 9nines posted there is a group in Texas that meets every month or something like that.


The members from here should host a Texas meet-up just like the Germany meet-up, the Oregon meet-up, and others that are going around.


We have a ton of members from Texas here and I'm recruiting more over the next couple of weeks.


I realize Texas is very big, but maybe there are a bunch of you from one area.


From Texas...........speak up here and someone organize it. It sounds like it will be fun.


Sorry in advance, I'll leave some people off for sure. But of the top of my head and a bit of searching to jog my memory, some from Texas are:












ronnie kray







Look up some of your fellow Texas residents and get this thing rolling!

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Meatout event this Saturday (March 25th, 2006) at 1:15PM, in Katy, Texas. (25 miles west of downtown Houston, on I-10.)




In honor of MEATOUT WEEK 2006, we are presenting a FREE class!


"Lobby 101" - How to promote the humane treatment of animals through legislation and advocacy.


This will be held on Saturday, March 25 at the beautiful Cinco Ranch Library in Katy. For directions, click here.


Special Guest Speaker, Skip Trimble, from the Texas Humane Legislation Network will teach us everything we need to know about lobbying for animals, legislation to protect animals and the different types of Bills. Learn how you can help lobby for animals! To learn more about how THLN helps animals, visit www.thln.org.


We will also be showing two short films. The first highlights the annual Great American Meatout Campaign held every March for the past 20 years by the Farm Animal Reform Movement(FARM). Visit www.meatout.org to learn about this campaign. The second film documents the conditions on factory farms (without graphic footage) and the need for legislation to protect these animals from inhumane treatment. This film is narrated by Mary Tyler Moore and produced by Farm Sanctuary (who have been active in legislation to ban the slaughter of downed animals). Visit www.farmsanctuary.org to learn more.


Sunflour Baking Company has kindly donated vegan cookies to help support our MEATOUT awareness campaign. Visit www.sunflourbaking.com to see the great selection of vegan cookies!


To attend, PLEASE RSVP using our CONTACT US page or email [email protected]. This will allow us to plan for enough chairs and refreshments. Call Kristen at 832-563-1858 with any questions.


***Great news for those planning to attend the free LOBBY 101 for Animals class in Katy during MEATOUT week on March 25! Johnny Rockets in Katy Mills Mall is part of the promotion for MEATOUT during March for buy one "Streamliner" (Boca burger), get one FREE! You can download the coupon from this link: http://www.vegcooking.com/johnnyrocketspecial.asp Katy Mills Mall is just 3 minutes from the Cinco Ranch Library (Hwy 99/Grand Parkway). We could all meet up for an early dinner after the class around 5:00 PM!

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Awesome thanks!


This sounds cool, I hope some of you will attend. Feel free to send PM to each other to make sure the Texans are aware of it.


I already started recruiting other Vegan Texans!


I'll be in L.A. for 4 days coming up very soon, so I won't have computer access, but when I get back I'll continue to strengthen the vegan presence from Texas here on the forum.


Recruiting is one of my favorite things, I like bringing new members over, so if there are other states or countries you live in and want more members from that area to hang out with, let me know, I'll see what I can do.





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San Marcos is neat area. 10 miles out of town, on Ranch Road 12 and the land changes dramatically from small hills and trees to a mini-grand canyon on the 'devil's backbone.' Or is my memory making it sound more than it is?

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You forgot me! I'm from San Marcos I would love to meet up


Sorry Evan,


I appologized in advance because I knew I'd forget some people


We have a strong following from Texas here on the forum so it would be GREAT if you guys meet up!

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I want to share this with other people in Texas.


Texas Humane Legislation Network. It is a non-profit grass roots organization (since 1975) that advocates legislation to protect animals in Texas.


I attended a presentation Saturday about it. They are looking for people that will be part (anything you can do is valued by them) of the network. Bills can come before the Texas House or Senate with just a 24 hours warning. When that happens, they send our email blasts asking you to contact your representative or senator to advocate voting "for" or "against" a particular bill.


It seems like a valuable organization.

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Did you guys every organize a Texas meet-up?


We need to get more regional meet-ups going on. Most of us are from the US and spread out all over the country but there are a few places where multiple members live and others who live nearby that area too, so let's start to get together.


We're having a big vegan potluck here in Corvallis on April 29th.


I hope you Texans get a chance to meet up and hang out too.

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