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Scott's training log and occasional insights...

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Here's my training from this week thus far - basically I practice qigong, taiji, and restoratives like Indian club swinging, stretching, mobility, daily; and my strength training is: M-squat / accessory work / conditioning; Tu-bench press / accessory work / conditioning; Th-deadlift / accessory work / conditioning; F-press / accessory work / conditioning. I train taiji under my Shifu, 31st generation Grandmaster of the Shaolin Temple Southern Yard Shi Deru, on M/W/F as well. Currently I have completed the Yang short and long forms, Chen style short form and most of the long form, basic introduction to taiji sword work, and of course qigong and tai gong series he teaches.


Monday 6/10/13

*warmed up with lots of flexibility, foam rolling, jump rope and kettlebell swings...

1. squat: 125x3, 145x3, 160x8

2. deadlift: 140x5 / 3

3a. GHR: 3x10

3b. GHR sit-up: 3x10

4. prowler: 6 trips - 2x90, 2x70, 2x50


Tuesday 6/11/13

Early on did a little qigong, taiji and sword taiji..


Strength & Conditioning Work

warmed up with a lot of stretching, mobility, Indian club swinging, and jumping rope

1. bench press: 95x3, 110x3, 120x8 (chins x 29 reps)

2a. incline bench: 5x10

2b. pulldown: 5x12

3a. pushdown: 4x25

3b. face pull: 4x25

4. prowler w/ 50 x 8

5. 1-arm kb swing: 24kg x 30 ea. arm


Thursday 6/13/13 - Birthday Workout!!!

38 today!


Did some qigong and taiji, then...


1. deadlift: 160x3, 185x3, 205x8

2a. bent over row: 95x10 / 4

2b. 45 degree back raise: 4x10

3a. ab wheel: 3x10

3b. side bend: 3x10

4. prowler spring x 10

5. KB work w/ 20kg bell: 1-arm jerk x 3:00; 1-arm snatch x 3:00; 1-arm long cycle x 3:00 (rested 1:00 between each) finished with 3:30 of 1-arm swings...

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Friday, 6/14/13 - Training

Today's training..

qigong & taiji training earlier, then:


LOTS of Indian Club swinging - shoulders feel great!


1. Press: 55x3, 65x3, 75x8 (*chins x 20 reps)

2a. close grip bench press: 4x10

2b. seated row: 4x12

3a. barbell curl: 5x10

3b. laterals / bent over laterals: 3x10 of each


That's all she wrote! No extra conditioning today, 3 days of prowler sprints and extra kettlebell conditioning is plenty!

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Hi Scott,


Like your program set up mate, your something of a powerbuilder, heavy basic lifts combine with assistant work, great stuff.


I also see your into Chinese martial arts, its great to be able to see work with a grandmaster of high caliber. Ive been training in Wing Tsun and Escrima now for the last 12 years, love it:)

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Rob-I used to compete in powerlifting, I was 50lbs heavier and my lifts were way over what they are now. I got away from barbell work for a while and now that I've lost a ton of weight and am over all healthier I'm just wanting to gain back some strength and muscle. Nothing better for that than squatting and deadlifting! Now I want to balance my strength work with mobility, flexibility, energy work, and meditation and not let things become imbalanced again.


Always great to talk to another martial arts enthusiast!

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Very good, your managing the training stress well...


I've actually decided to start training with free weights exclusively again (in my father-in-laws garage), totally agree with your thoughts on squats and deads, though i have to modified the squat and deadlift for my bodytype, am 6'4 with a long torso and have a herniated disc that like's to flair up every now and then. But I love bench squats, hip belt squats and Romania deads, these babies work really well for me.


Keep up the good work



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Great call on the hip belt squat! One of my clients is an extremely high ranking swimmer - he was 9x all American at Auburn University and is getting ready to swim in the Nationals & World Qualifier next week - he has similar issues as you, he's 6'5" and we've had to modify his squats to box squats at various heights. His torso is extremely long and he has a "hinge" in the lower back that makes holding a neutral spine position tough when he squats too deep.

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Today's training..


6/18/13 Training


Started the morning with some qigong and meditation...


This afternoon's strength session:


*Indian Club swinging - a ton to warm up



1. bench press: 90x5, 100x5, 115x10 (*chins x 32 reps)

2a. incline bench: 5x10

2b. lat pulldown: 5x12

3a. pushdowns: 4x15

3b. db curls: 4x10

3c. laterals: 4x10


Short and sweet! Time for evening clients...

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Thursday 6/20/13 Training


*stretching, mobility, foam roll, jump rope, and kettlebell swings to warm up..


1. deadlift: 150x5, 175x5, 195x10

2a. barbell row: 4x10

2b. 45 degree back raise: 4x10

3a. ab wheel: 3x10

3b. side bend: 3x10

4. prowler x 8 --> super setted Indian club swinging after every two trips with the prowler

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Hey MF!


I competed regularly from 2005-2007 maybe 3x a year I guess. I was far from exceptional but loved the sport. At my heaviest I weighed around 225-230 but always competed in the 220s. I was a 198 once most of the time I weighed in around 205-215.


Best contest lifts were a 450 squat 285 bench (I pressed 305 but got called for hips rising up); and deadlifted 463. In training I had done box squats for a best of 485, and benched 315 in training. I never took maxes in the deadlift, usually saved that for the meet.


While I was definitely bigger I was far from healthy. I ate a typical powerlifter anything goes type of diet. Lots of meat, lots of sugar crap, lots of starch and a little fruit and very little veg. Got plenty of fat in the diet too!


I love the way I feel on a plant based diet now. Obviously my lifts aren't in the realm of what they used to be but that's ok. I love training the lifts without killing myself an I like having a leaner healthier physique. I'm more interested in balancing out my program but I have to say when my client David (an exceptional powerlifter-elite at 114 lb and 123 lb weight class) is getting ready for a meet I start missing it! David's great best geared lifts of 425 squat, 320 bench, and 435 deadlift at 123 lbs bodyweight and he recently did a raw meet weighing around 132 lbs and went 365 squat, 310 bench, and 440 deadlift! I've actually got him transitioning to a heavier plant based diet now as well.

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Got away from keeping my training log updated due to being really busy this past week or so. On vacation now until 7/21 - travelling from Atlanta --> State College, PA --> leaving State College Tuesday for Pittsburgh then back to ATL the 20th or 21st. Still getting my workouts in though!


This past week:

Monday (still in ATL): did squats & deadlifts, glute/hams and ab work + taiji class

Tuesday (still in ATL): did bench press & military press and upper body accessory work (chins, seated rows, and arm work)

Wednesday (sill in ATL): taiji class

Thursday: travel day, 16 hours on the road from ATL to State College, PA

Friday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym, they have a ton of cardio equipment, a Cybex universal machine, and dumbbells-not bad, but not ideal!): light cardio + full body strength: goblet squats, DB bench press, DB row, DB RDLs, lat pulldown, DB shoulder press, pushdowns, curls, 45 degree back raise, and ab curls (3 sets of everything - performed the first 3 exercises as a circuit, the 2nd 3 as a circuit and the last 4 as a circuit)

Saturday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym): interval cardio + ab circuit (3 ab drills x 3 sets each)

Sunday (State College): Lisa and I did a long trail walk, easy cardio


Plan to hit a full body strength workout tomorrow, we are driving to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, then back to powerlifting workouts, there is a nice bodybuilder's gym near my in-laws, plan to do squats/deads on Wed and bench/military press on Fri.

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Today's training...


Monday, 7/15/13: still in State College, PA training at hotel fitness center


Full body circuit training:


1a. goblet squat: 4x10

1b. incline DB bench press: 4x10

1c. 45 degree back raise: 4x10

1d. lat pulldown: 4x10


2a. lateral raise: 3x12

2b. pushdown: 3x15

2c. DB curl: 3x10

2d. reverse sit-up: 3x12


Hopefully back to a real gym by Wednesday!

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Got to train twice this week at my favorite gym when travelling to visit Lisa's family - Webb's World of Fitness in Penn Hills. This is a great gym, typical old school bodybuilding type of place. Two big power racks, tons of free weights and Hammer Strength, and chalk marks on the bars. BOOM!


Wednesday, 7/17/13 - Lower Body


1. squat: 125x5, 140x5, 160x10

2. deadlift: 155x5, 185x5, 205x5

3a. 45 degree back raise: 4x10-15

3b. calves: 4x15

3c. pulldown abs: 4x20


Thursday, 7/18/13 - Upper Body


1. bench press: 95x5, 105x5, 125x10

2a. press: 55x5, 65x5, 75x10

2b. chins: 25 reps

3. Hammer Strength row: 90x15, 140x12, 160x10 / 2 sets

4a. lateral raise: 4x10-15

4b. DB curl: 4x8-15

5a. face pulls: 3x15-20

5b. pushdown: 3x20-50


Hitting the PGH Casino today, then back on the road to the ATL!

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Got back to Atlanta this past weekend after 10 days of travelling through PA. Back to the home gym and Taiji class!


Monday, 7/22/13

I had Taiji class at the Shaolin Institute in the morning, we focused on qigong and taiji push hands, then did my strength training in the afternoon.


1. squat: 145x5, 160x3, 180x6

2. 2-kb long cycle (clean & jerk): wave 1 - 16kg x 9/1:00, 20kg x 8/1:00, 24kg x 7/1:00; wave 2 - 16kg x 10/1:00, 20kg x 9/1:00, 24kg x 7/1:00; wave 3 - 16kg x 10/1:00, 20kg x 9/1:00, 24kg x 6/1:00

3a. GHR: 3x8

3b. weighted ab bench: 3x15


Tuesday, 7/23/13

Started the morning off with lots of qigong, taiji and meditation...


1. bench press: 105x5, 120x3, 135x6 (super-setted band pull-aparts for 10-12 with every set of bench)

2a. lat pulldown: 4x12-15

2b. incline dumbbell bench: 3x15

3a. pushdown: 3x15

3b. dumbbell curl: 3x10

3c. lateral raise: 3x10

4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 40+40 / 5:00


Done! Feels good to be back!!

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This week's training



1. kettlebell long cycle: 12kg x 20/2:00, 16kg x 17/2:00, 20kg x 8/1:00, 24kg x 12/2:00

2. squat: 145x3, 160x3, 180x3

3a. GHR: 3x10

3b. pulldown abs: 3x15



1. bench press: 105x3, 115x3, 130x8 (super-setted band pullaparts x 10 reps per set of bench)

2a. incline bench: 65x10, 80x8, 95x6, 105x6

2b. lat pulldown: 4x10-15

3a. db curl: 4x6-12

3b. db lateral raise: 4x8

4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 35+35 / 5:00

*running: 20:00 of alternating walk / run intervals



1. kettlebell long cycle: 24kg x 15 / 3:00, 16kg x 24 / 3:00

2. deadlift: 180x3, 200x3, 225x3

3a. barbell row: 135x8 / 3

3b. reverse hyper: 3x10

4. reverse sit-up: 3x12



1. press: 65x3, 75x3, 85x8 (super-setted w/ chins x 3 reps for set for 18 total reps)

2a. close grip bench press: 95x8 / 3

2b. seated row: 4x10-15

3a. pushdowns: 4x12

3b. curls: 4x8

3c. laterals: 4x8


*Qigong and Taiji practice daily.

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Thanks guys! Sorry for not updating lately - I've been pretty busy with work and some projects.


Qigong and Taiji... Qigong is energy work (qi - energy; gong - work -- pronounced chee-gong) it is essentially coordinating your breathing with movement for the purposes of calming your mind (almost a form of moving meditation), relaxing, and circulating your energy throughout your body. There are many different focuses with qigong, some use it to enhance martial arts abilities, some use it strictly for health purposes, etc. Taiji (short for Taijiquan - and pronounced tie-chee-chew-on) is actually a form of martial arts-considered an internal martial art (think of karate or kung fu as external), there are about 5 styles of which the Yang style is the most popular (think old people in the park practicing a synchronized movement form in super slow motion) and Chen style is the oldest form of Taiji, it combines both slow movements and fast powerful movements to display the power you are building. Taiji movements are based on combative techniques, but the intent is to cultivate and circulate energy. Basically you can't have Taiji without Qigong, but you can practice qigong without taiji. Typically the goal with qigong and taiji practice is health and longevity.


Here's my training log update from this week, switching gears with the strength and conditioning work. Bringing the focus back to the sport of kettlebell lifting and would like to specialize the deadlift for a while. I have a couple competition monkeys I want to get off my back before I totally retire!


Goals: deadlift - 500; long cycle - 24kg x 55

Current Best Lifts:

1. Long Cycle: 24kgx37 (10:00) @ March 2009 Arnold (90kg+ class); 20kgx67 (10:00) @ April 2013 Punch Sarasota (85kg class); 16kgx82 @ August 2013 International Friendship Meet (185 lbs.)

2. Deadlift: 463 @ 2006 APF GA State Meet (220 lb class)


Thursday 8/22/13

bw - 184.5 lbs

dynamic warm-ups (cals, mobility), reverse hypers & lat pulldowns x 3 sets

1. deadlift: 135x5, 155x3; 190x5, 215x3, 240x1; add suit - 275x1, 295x1, 315x1, 365x1

2. long cycle: 16kg x 8,8,8,8,8 (40/5:00)

3a. seated row: 90x15 / 3

3b. reverse hyper: 70x10 / 3

3c. ab bench: 25x20 / 3

*extra stretching with the 7pm class


*Notes - so I’ve decided to get back into doing some competitions and I’ve decided to focus on kettlebell long cycle and the deadlift (powerlifting competitions allow deadlift specialist - raising my bench while pushing long cycle is a shoulder f&%$er upper and my main goal has been to get that 500 lb. deadlift monkey off my back - and at 181-185 would be even more awesome!) 55 reps in the 24kg long cycle is AKA rank 1 @ 85kg class (plan to stay 180-185).


Starting next week this is the weekly micro-cycle plan:

Monday: dynamic effort deadlifts (with chains or bands); long cycle (5-7:00 set w/ 16’s or 20’s); squat work (partials, jumping, etc.); posterior chain & abs

Tuesday: long cycle (higher volume sets working with 24’s & 16’s mainly); heavy 1-arm jerk or lockout strength/strength-endurance work; lat balance work; running

Thursday: max effort deadlift work; long cycle (5-7:00 set w/ 16’s or 20’s); deadlift supplementary work (rack pulls, deficit deadlifts, reverse band, etc.); posterior chain & abs

Friday: long cycle (higher volume sets working with 24’s & 16’s mainly); heavy 1-arm jerk or lockout strength/strength-endurance work; lat balance work; running


Tuesday 8/20/13

dynamic warm-ups (cals, mobility, club swinging, light long cycle sets)

1. long cycle: 16kg x 8,8,8,8,8 (40/5:00)

2a. chins: x 22 reps

2b. 1-arm jerk: 28kg x 6+6 / 2

3. running x 20:00

*extra ab circuit with the 7pm class x 3 rounds


Monday 8/19/13

dynamic warm-ups (cals, mobility, club swinging, light long cycle sets)

1. long cycle: 24kg x 5,5,5,5 (20/4:00) 16kg x 8,8,8 (24/3:00)

2. squat: barx10, 95x5, 115x5; 145x5, 170x3, 190x1

3a. pulldown abs (front-side): 50x15-10 / 3

3b. GHR: 3x10

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Friday 8/23/13

dynamic warm-ups and calisthenics, light double kb work

1. long cycle: 24kg x 6,6,6 (18/3:00) 16kg x 9,9,10 (28/3:00)

2a. lat pulldown: 90x15 / 3

2b. swiss bar standing press: 65x10 / 3

3a. pushdown: 50x15 / 3

3b. bent over laterals: 15x12 / 3

4. 2-kb swings super-setted w/ 1:00 of stationary bike recovery - 16kg bells x 25 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 - finished with 2:00 on the bike.


Been going to the Shaolin Institute every M/W/F for my Taiji class, my Shifu has been working on the Chen style long form with me and brushing up on some of my Yang style short form. In addition I'm still practicing qi gong and taiji daily on my own.

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Training this week so far...


Wednesday 8/28/13

*Notes: back is feeling much looser today, still plan to de-load through the rest of the week. Maybe some lighter long cycle work tomorrow and some light squats and deadlifts, and a light upper body workout on Friday.


Lisa and I went biking at the Suwanee Greenway Trail for 60:00 after Taiji class today. Taiji has been great, I’ve been reviewing the Chen-style short form with my teacher.


Tuesday 8/27/13

*Notes: Back is still a little jacked up today. I think pushing 4 days of long cycle and deadlifting might be a little too ambitious. I’m going back to a balanced upper / lower split: M-lower body work & long cycle; Tu-upper body work & conditioning; Th-lower body work & long cycle; F-upper body work & conditioning.


dynamic warm-ups, light calisthenics, Indian club swinging

1a. bench press: 5x6-15

1b. TRX row: 5x8-15

2a. pushdown: 3x15

2b. db curl: 3x10

2c. laterals: 3x10

3. light kb snatch: 12kg x 45+45 / 5:00

*finished with Indian club swinging


Monday 8/26/13

*Notes: I woke up today and my low back was all knotted up. Since this week was a scheduled de-load anyway I backed way off today. Just did some light kettlebell work and mobility stuff. Still hitting my Taiji class on M/W/F and practicing Taiji and Qigong daily.


dynamic warm-ups, light calisthenics, Indian club swinging

1. 2-arm kettlebell swing: 16kg x 10 / 3

2a. 2-kb sumo deadlift: 24kg’s x 10 / 3

2b. alternating kb press: 16kg x 10+10, 8+8, 6+6

2c. chins: bw x 6 / 3

3. kb snatch: 16kg x 30+30

4. McGill’s “big 3” - bird dogs, side bridge, curl up x 2 sets each

*finished with more Indian club swinging

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Thursday, 8/29/13


dynamic warm-ups, light calisthenics, Indian club swinging

1. 2-arm kettlebell swing: 16kg x 10 / 3

2a. 2-kb sumo deadlift: 24kg’s x 5 / 3

2b. alternating kb press: 16kg x 5+5

2c. chins: bw x 6 / 3

3. 2-arm swing: 24kg x 15

4. kb snatch: 16kg x 30+30

5. 2-arm swing: 24kg x 15

6. med ball circuit: 3 drills x 10 ea. / 3 sets

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