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Fat Loss for Abs ( Diet Specific )

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Hello everybody


I am doing stronglifts for a while now here is my log :http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=29174&start=255


Over the period of last 6-7 months i have gained about 7kgs of weight . Although there is improvement in physique indicating my muscle weight has increased but my gut has also increased and waist gone up by atleast 1.5 Inch .


Current Stats

Weight - 86.5kgs , Waist 36 Inch , Height - 179cm and 23yrs Old Male .


I am typically working out 3-4 days a week doing compund lifts amd have just started light cardio sessions mailny Walking 2-3 times a week .


What i typically eat is this :-


Morning Pre Workout

Toast of Brown Bread with 1tbsp Peanut Butter + 1 Cup Coffee


Post Workout

Protein Shake+2Bananas


Snack ( Occasionally )

Sprouts 1 bowl



2 Indian Wheat Bread ( Chapati ) + 80-100gms Soy + Curd + Some Fruit ( Mango/watermelon )



Protein Shake with 400ml Milk



2 Indian Wheat Bread ( Chapati ) + 100gms Paneer ( Cottage Cheese with slightly higher fat ) + Cup of any lentil soup + Some Fruit


Other than this 2 cups of tea or coffee everyday and some days i add peanuts , almonds , olive oil to my diet .


Now my question is what changes shall i incorporate in diet or workout so that i can safely loose enough fat to get those 2 inches off my waist .

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Its a tough area to get rid of fat. Cardio is key and it looks like you eat a lot of bread. Maybe substitute some fruits and veggies for carbs in place of bread a couple times a day and cut your bread down from 4 times a day to 2? Not saying its a guarantee but it could help.

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Thanks for the tips , appreciate it .

I guess i can cut on some bread and maybe just cut short the nos of Bananas as well . I am still new to cardio and am trying to build up endurance . I have my medical on 1st Aug and want to get down to 80-81 kgs from current weight on 86kgs by then .

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Hello guys just implemented some of your tips and this how my diet looked today :



Spinach, raw 2 cups

Roasted poha chivda ( Made of rice fried with some potatoes and peanuts , indian breakfast )

Cottage Cheese 50gms



Soy Milk - 4ooml

Protein Powder - 1 Scoop



Lentil Curry - 1 Bowl

Indian Flat Bread ( Roti ) - 2


Evening Snack

1 Banana



Brown Bread 2 Toasts

Paneer ( http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-paneer-cheese-i290496 ) 60-70 gms


Post Dinner

1 Apple

300 ml Milk with Half Scoop Protein


Is this okay if i am looking to drop 5-6 kgs fat in a month or shall i reduce further .

I am also taking Creatine which i will stop from 1st July so i am hoping i will loose 1-2kgs of water weight as well .

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