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Low starch meal plan for a vegan


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I started following "Yo Elliot", a strength coach, bodybuilder on youtube. He makes a lot of good points, very easy to listen to. One of his videos is on the subject of the low starch diet, and it got me thinking...


To get rid of my stubborn belly/chest fat, I feel the need to embark on a low starch diet - if nothing else to jump start/shock my system from years of over consumption of starches/sweets, sugars, etc.


No matter how clean I eat, how hard I workout, I cannot seem to drop the stubborn fat.


Problem is, when I looked into the low starch diet, I see that much of it is not vegan friendly; eggs, various meats, and other dairy products. Has anyone here followed this type of plan for fat loss? Care to share tips, meal plans, etc.?


Thanks in advance!

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I will try to chime in here I hope it helps. I wouldn't buy into the "cut this one thing out of your diet and you'll lose ten pounds" fads. Fat is energy. It's stored energy. The reason it is so hard to lose is because people don't realize the amount of stored energy it actually is. The real tried and true method of losing fat is eating at a calorie deficit. This way the extra calories come from fat. Losing 1 pound a week is realistic. 1 lb of fat is roughly 3500 calories. At a deficit of 500 calories per day you'll lose 1 lb per week(roughly). Lifting probably doesn't burn nearly as much calories as you think and if you are following the prescribed pre or post protein consumption those calories are most likely replenished immediately.


Random side not you probably don't care about but is a recent pet peeve of mine. When someone tells you they gained 5 lbs (which would be 17500 calories worth of stored energy) over the holidays it was most likely not fat. It's just increased water retention from eating salty foods. They will lose it in at least a week.


HIIT is also another option, although only effective depending on your goals. Running will generally lessen your gains if you are just going for strength and size.

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Have you been eating pasta and bread still? Or any refined grains?


I basically cut those two things out, and eat more veggies.


Yes there is starch in veggies (stay away from potatoes, and you can have sweet potatoes/yams - especially right after a grueling workout, or if you are fatigued before, then eat one an hour before your workout), but it is a different kind of starch, plus with all that insoluble fiber you will be having along with the veggies, helps in releasing the starch slowly (no insulin spike, so the starch isn't converted into glucose and packed into your cells right away - which could mean that if you are not utilizing it, it could go into the fat cells for storage).


Substitute quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, and any other grain in its natural state, as your source of carbs.


Sounds easy, but you will find that you actually crave the instantaneous comfort that these refined starches has in your blood stream.

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Thanks for the input guys.


I will consider all of what you said. Since my initial post, I have compiled a list of go/no go starchy foods from various sites and despite what you have posted I am going to try it for awhile.


I've tried many things over many years, but one thing I have not tried is lowering my starchy food intake. My mom & dad have diabetes and I don't want to follow that same route. I typically eat the same as they raised me on - yes, pasta (yum) and breads. Mum always baked a ton of stuff...so, baked goods too...it is a weakness.


I at least want to give this low starch thing a try in an attempt to "re-set" my insulin resistant body, if nothing else. A month or two of this type of eating will probably do me good.


There is another thing - because of my work schedule it is very difficult for me to squeeze in more than 3-4 meals per day, and that includes protein shakes. Because of that, I am already at a calorie deficiency.


I kept track of everything on fitday & other sites & it was difficult to achieve the proper daily intake. I usually averaged a bit over 1700 cal. I am 5'9" (male) and weigh about 160 lb. at present. When I was a meat eater years ago, my heaviest was 190 lb.


I am about a medium build, bone, structure-wise, so I feel a bodyweight of 170 lb. to 180 lb. of sculpted muscle would look good on me.

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I've heard of Elliot. This guy is a typical anti-veg meat-head. Listen to this for a minute:


Society has it all wrong about weight loss. The body will revert to normal when you follow nature:


* Make sure you're hydrated; helps the body lose the fat. And, that fat could be water retention, caused be getting dehydrated.

* Carbs and fat get in each others way and can make the body store fat. Eat high-carb, low-fat as nature intended

* Eat MORE calories, not less


If you want more rational insight from someone not brain-damaged on steroids, watch my video's:


here's a fitting one: "Calories don't make you fat":

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