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Should GMO's be the next big battle?

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My food is great the way it is. I wouldn't want someone coming in and hiding zinc tablets in my veggies, and I don't want people modifying my food genetically to contain more vitamins/minerals. Having a corporation in control of our food is scary! Especially one like Monsanto. No adverse effects after 15 years or so? How many smokers do you see battling cancer after a decade and a half? And lets optimistically assume that the GMO's we currently have are 100% safe, who's to say the next ones are? Thanks, but I don't wanna be their f***ing guinea pig.


I used to work at a grain elevator in Ontario. Corn and soy for the purposes of animal feed. 100% GMO. I wish I had taken pictures to prove the visible reactions people have to.. handling pesticides, I would assume? I can't stress enough just how much our purchases effect others. That's a more than good enough reason for me right there not to support pesticide laden food when I have the choice.


No animal products, No GMO's, Buy organic when we can

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This is frustrating.


Has anyone here heard of selective breeding? We have been making 'GMO' foods for a long time, just not as advanced as at the genetic level. We have bred plants for specific properties for hundreds of years, and we are becoming better and better at it. The problem has always been the COMPANIES behind the PATENTS, and the MONEY behind the breeding, not the foods themselves.


Please, anyone here that is afraid of GMO foods should immediately run to their nearest chemist or biologist friend and ask them what they think. There is NO evidence that GMO's are any worse for us than traditional foods. The risk is that COMPANIES choose to breed only the plants that produce them the most MONEY, thus breeding out nutrients in the process.

Selective breeding and genetic modification are two very different beasts.


Selective breeding ensures that particular traits become more prominent (for example, a less "stringy" mango) by breeding together varieties that possess said desired trait. It's perfectly natural.


Genetic modification involves going down to DNA level and "splicing" new genetic information in there which can come from an entirely different organism. This would never otherwise occur in nature.


^ This.


So you don't think fish tomatoes would occur naturally in nature?

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