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Your favourite DVD's?

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What are you favourite DVD's, either for the information they provide or just straight-out motivation?


I have a stack of DVD's including all of Cutler's, Kai Greene's and some powerlifting ones. Out of all of them, for me these are the couple that I keep going back to...






Interested to see what gets posted up here, might be some gems that I haven't came across before. Chur chur MF

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Hi ML,


I've watched quite a few bodybuilding DVDS, my fav's were Markus Ruhl's - Made in Germany / Big & Loving it, and Chris Faildo - Hurricane warning. When it comes to info, Mike Mentzers underground seminar DVD is very good.


Having said this, over the years i became less and less interested with pro bodybuilders, they do train hard, however they do also use ridiculous quantities of steroid's and HGH's, some of whom actually have the cheek to try to convince the fans they are natural.

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