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Hello from Texas!


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Hi everyone! I'm from North-East Texas and I am a making an attempt to migrate to vegan. I am about 60-70% all raw fruits, veggies, and nuts but still a good ways to go. I am 44 yrs old, I've been married 22 yrs (next month) and have 2 teenage boys. Me and the boys run motocross (I run vintage mx). I have been a hobbyist bodybuilder for about 6 yrs but laid off heavy lifting for about 7 or so months...but getting back to it.


Here's the old guy (me) at a large national vintage race





But anyways, back to the diet....I am making strides to increase the percentage of raw plant based foods, but need to work on my family more too! It's a work in progress, but I could easily go 100% if it weren't for a few factors that I will work on.

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Hey Rick,


Good to see you active in the forums already


Good luck with the transition, so your not vegan yet? However are 60-70% raw already nice!!! What are you sstill eating, meat or dairy?




Once in a while I still eat chicken (I know ) but I do still eat cheese and once in a while drink milk. But I prefer almond milk....just don't always have it. Thanks for the welcome! I'm no noob to working out and forums. I am an admin on another weight lifting forum...but since the desire to swing my diet...I found this.

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Welcome to the group! Great pic, so many people here that have so many awesome hobbies, interests and careers. Haven't seen a ton of motorcycles, hope to see you post more.




Thank you very much for the welcome! We have met so many great people doing motocross! We are addicted to it. Fun as a family and great community too! Thanks again!

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