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South Africa


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Hi All,


Well only a plant based vegan for around 3 weeks. Decided that I need to get off my ass and do something. On 9 different prescribed medications per day. My first goal is to do a marathon in early November 2013 and then the big one: Comrades next year. (http://www.comrades.com/)


Looking forward to learn from the forum.



Weight - 115kg (254 pounds)

1.8 m tall

BMI of around 34.

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Wow, what a great goal! As a runner myself I am familiar with Comrades, in fact I was listening to one of the Talk Ultra podcasts last week and they had Bruce Fordyce talking about the race, that guy is a living legend and truly inspirational.


All the best with your goals, hopefully you can start up a training journal so we can all follow along with your progress. I'm sure you will settle in really quickly here, it's a great community full of friendly people MF.

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Thanks MF! Yeah Bruce is a living legend in the sport. I have met him a few times. Very nice guy and always helpful!


I will start a log under running. What started me to get back into running after many years was reading the book from Scott Jurek. Also a serious legend in my book. Currently busy with Rich Rolls book. Starting with my marathon training program on Monday! Let the fun begin!!

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