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I logged on the forum this morning just to watch SNAP CITY again before doing cardio.



I going to bookmark it.


LOL cool,


CT is a real character, nearly all his videos are funny. I look for people like CT, even after open heart surgery and being brought back to life 3 times, he still hits the gym and gives it his all, i love that, i've also had / have several health issues, i found out this year i've an irregular heart beat, i'd a stroke when i was 24, i've a herniated disc in my lower back, and i have just one normal functioning kidney, despite this, its never stopped me doing what i wanted to do in life, i was in the British Army for 6 years, i did competitive kickboxing for 4 years, and i still train in H.I.T and Wing Tsun. As CT says, "I'd rather die doing what i love to do, than sitting on the couch watching TV":)

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That's really cool Docakilah, am glad the CT videos has helped inspire someone else like they did me. I actually only stumbled on to his videos a couple of weeks ago myself, i loved his story, and how he "preaches" his thoughts, people like him could whip up anyone up into a motivational lather. Last week when training my biceps i actually began talking to my own arms lol, and nephew and training partner said to me "what are you smoken", i replied "SHOUT DA F**K UP, there's some growen going on over here" lol.


The gym you train are sounds great also, there's not many gyms like that around anymore, nitty gritty hardcore gyms are were champions are made!


Best wishes



P.S - noticed your new training log, great reading and i will be following your progress:)

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