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I hope this picture doesnt make you feel ill.......

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Hi everyone,


This is my before pic. This is pretty much how I look now.


I'm pretty happy with the size of my arms and legs but I absolutely HATE my stomach, this fat needs to go ASAP!!




I dont always look this terrible by the way! lol and please ignore my unfortunate tan lines lol I burn easy!



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Well you now have a good base to work from. I look much "worse"!! I will start a training journal next week. I am still in my first week of training. Gone plant based Vegan about 3 weeks ago, and the weight is falling off by the day. So far I have lost 7 kgs. So keep on posting your progress!! Maybe you and me should start a challenge to see what we will look like December?


BTW - training for my first marathon in November 2013. I stopped all exercise and everything healthy, and now I'm paying for it. On various medications etc. But will be back very soon!!

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Bah, you don't look awful at all. You're in a great place to start, and you have awesome hair. They always say diet is 90% of weight loss, so the food diary is a terrific idea. I find I consume way more calories than I expect when I'm not keeping track. Maybe keep track of your macros and sodium too, just to see if you're way up or down on carbs/protein/fats?

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