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Hi from Cyprus


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I'm a Greek Cypriot living in Cyprus, 22y.o., 4th year law student. I am taking action in trying to become a vegan (have completely cut out meat from my diet). I started my journey about a month ago but here in Cyprus we have very little vegan products. I even have to import Protein(hemp,pea,brown rice), xanthan gum and nutritional yeast from the UK. The tofu is actually expensive and we do not have tempeh or gluten (hence no ready seitan[have to make it from whole wheat flour which takes a really long time and produces only a small amount], mock meats[maybe there are 1-2 products but super expenssive] etc.). I am trying to stick to peanutbutter, oats, grains, legumes, salad, fruits, nuts, seeds and the other basics. I like lifting weights and hope one day I will be able to prove to others that you can get big without meat/dairy/eggs. Vegans in Cyprus are probably less than 1% although no study has been done on this. Cyprus is the land of Halloumi(probably everyone knows this cheese) and since Cyprus is a Greek island souvlaki is very popular. If anyone else is from Cyprus I would appreciate some tips. If someone else is from Europe I would appreciate sharing websites that deliver in Europe vegan stuff (i.e. vegan yogurt culture, tempeh starter etc.). I hope to be an active member.

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Hi welcome to the community here. Maybe try using the search in the upper right hand corner and searching European countries near or similar to Cyprus, find some people and the post to their threads with your questions.




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To C.O.: Forum is great since any other bb/fitness forums don't have vegan info or for a matter of fact they make lame jokes about vegans and stuff. Here things just feel right.


To Pkiriakou: I sent you a pm (private message) with my email if you need any info and a list of the shops/items I have found up to now but the mail got stuck in outbox, don't know why. So below you will find the list which you didn't receive


firm tofu (organic) - alpha mega, kolias

vegan parizaki - health store lazarou (opposite mall of engomi)

vegan burgers etc.- health store lazarou (opposite mall of engomi), health shop at armenias str. "Etherio Bio Store"

organic tvp - alpha mega, agia skepi store

vegan milks - carrefour , alpha mega(mostly-cheapest organic soy milk), kolias, holland&barret & health food stores

Nutritional yeast and agar agar - etherio bio stores i think

Vital Wheat Gluten - Offices/store of Mitsides at Dali (only 25kg bags) about 60 euro -value for money really (i posted this on the facebook grp Cyprus Vegetarians & Vegans but I think most people didn't realise or know what it is for. You can make Seitan-fake chicken etc. and better rising bread).

In search of a vegan cheese right now but haven't found anything up to now.

UPDATE 02/05/2014: Have been told that Etherio Bio Store has started stocking some vegan cheese and will go check it out.


If anyone else who lives in Cyprus (probably Nicosia since that's where I am and know about stores) and needs info about where to buy what or what is available just send me a private message or respond to this thread.

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