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ON soy protein?

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Has anyone ever had? I saw it at a BB show yesterday, has good macros (minimal carbs/fat) but no samples...cheaper than Olympian labs. Any reviews? I can't stand rice protein its too gritty, i love the olymian labs, it blends into oats, cous cous, nut butters very well. was never a fan of vega. Thanks

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http://ca.bodybuilding.com/store/nutrafusion-nutritionals/nitrofusion.html?_requestid=4967015 have you tried this one, i buy it all the time and its in a 5lb tub as most other vegan proteins are in tiny tubs works around $1.00 a serve taste great and 21g protein and only 120 cals vegan approved!!


Chocolate is the best, vanilla is ok and the mocha just tastes like the chocolate.

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