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Vegalicious in Ohio! Hi!


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My name is Elena. Both, my husband and I, have been vegan since 2006.


I am a certified personal and group fitness trainer. I am also a full-time blogger. I blog about all things vegan, but primarily HOW TO DO VEGAN RIGHT, avoiding the unhealthy, junk pitfalls many new vegans fall into. I developed and run a 30-day online program, BODY BY PLANTS (http://www.vega-licious.com/services/vegan-30-day-boot-camp-weight-loss-health-improvement/), teaching people how to transition to a healthy plant-based diet, and, for those who are already vegan, how to make sure it is clean and healthful, as well as it is kind.


I have released several finger-licking delicious vegan cookbooks (electronic format).


I had a fabulous vegan pregnancy (http://www.vega-licious.com/category/health-nutrition/vegan-pregnancy/), while still teaching and training 10 hours a week, and snapped right back into my pre-pregnancy shape in less than 2 months. I actually went into labor on the day I taught 2 fitness classes and did side splits .




I am raising a very healthy and bright vegan baby.




This week I am kicking off a Vegan 101 Webinar series, and anyone is welcome to join . Details here: http://www.vega-licious.com/how-to-become-vegan-101-series-registration/


I teach people how to be healthy, how to be lean, how to be fit, and how to be vegan and I love it!


My current goal is to lean out, tone up and get my body ready for vegan baby #2 .

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Thank you! It is getting only better! I am about to make some updates to make it VERY mobile friendly, so cannot wait!


Glad to have you in my community as well! We thrive on no sugar or oils


I like your site! I'm working toward no added sugar or oils too so I will be keeping an eye on your info.



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