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Why I always connect with Robert and others from this forum


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Hi everyone.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer.

I know Robert's having an amazing time in Canada.


This post is just to emphasise the importance of connections, and to thank Robert for keeping this platform going strong.


I think we share similar feelings, as expressed in a post from my blog, which I came back to recently:




Keep up the good work.

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Thanks so much for the shout out and for the kind words, Gorilla!


You're one of the original members, from back in 2005!


There have been so many connections made here for the past 8 years or so. That is one of my favorite aspects about this community. Some people have actually met through this forum and have become married, have had children together, others have become engaged, are roommates, or best friends.


It is really fun to see.


I am having a blast in Canada. Thanks again for the shout out. Hope all is great with you!



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