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Hmmmm, how to begin? I'm 40. I first competed at 38 in Fitnesss. Came in 4th at a National Qualifier, but knew I was nowhere near ready. I was a vegetarian for quite a while, even tested raw vegan for a few months. Honestly, I became very confused with all of the do's, don'ts, militant, oh my god you ingested something that was over 115 degrees. I became overwhelmed, saddened, & blah. I grew up very rural. Had no issue with eggs because we had some dumped chickens that we treated like all of our other pets & ate those. We loved them, played with them, and never ate any critter we had/rescued. It was a total mind poop when i saw how the egg industry really operated. This was just recently. In fact, my parents acquired more land & have taken on more fowl rescues.... though they still eat meat & such. I'm still kind of taken aback at the more i learn.

So here I am. Wanting to learn, hungry for knowledge, in an industry where they tell me vegetarian s, much less vegans, will never thrive.

I am hesitant & scared because i am sure that i will make many, many mistakes in this journey. However, i hope that you will bear with me, help me, and guide me to a better, healthier place, without judement or vehemence toward my ignorance.

I'm pretty embarrassed to post my workouts & meals at this point....


On side notes, i'm all about adventure & new experiences. I was a awriter for a New Orleans Music Website, went to college later in life, did a summet semester in Madrid, changed my major 5(?) Times, but my main major was biology with concentration in cardi-pulmonary science, new recruit for roller derby, refereed for a year, have been in the burlesque/variety/circus stuff since 2007, tried aerial acrobatics, kickboxing, um, my brain has now gone kaput, and i will finish later.

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Oh mylanta! It's been a while.

I've been going to physical therapy to get my IT band, SI joint, hip issues worked out. My little gal is amazing! Her other degree is in Sport and Exercise Science. I have to say the exercises and stretches that she has incorporated into my daily routine have made such a difference. Some of my workouts probably look lame to those watching me, but I don't care. I can feel the changes and strengthening taking place. And yeah, I'm walking slower, but on an incline on the treadmill, or using the elliptical, but it works out that area! Loving her. The place that I am going to has physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and also deal in sports injuries. I believe there will be some massage entering my routine again once a month. I had quit going at the beginning of this year. I truly think it helped.

My flexibility is poop right now, but that will work back out slowly and with patience.


So, I've been doing my workouts, some things modified, incorporating stretching and foam rolling religiously now!! Many aspects are like starting over and really concentrating on my form and execution.


I will not be posting diet as i'm not yet vegan. There have been many days fully on, then days busted. I flounder a ton. I worry a ton. I listen to those voices & other people & freak. Just don't give up on me. I have soo much guilt. So much confusion. So much turmoil. Even after reading so much, i am lost. I'll get there, i know it. When? I don't. Please, don'tjudge me too harshly, because i assure you that i weep daily over my confusion.


Here's this weeks workouts (machines many have similar names and work different angles):


Monday - we were not home from early in the morning until late. Basically, I just did my P.T. assigned stretches and exercises 3x that day.



warm up - treadmill and warm up sets 5# DB


DB X-Body Hammer Curls : (2)20#DB/ 5 per side, (2)15#DB/8 per side, 10 per side, 10 per side

DB Bicep Curls: (2) 15#DB/ 8, 10, 10

Star Trac Bilateral Bi Curl Machine 10#added/3 (weak!), no weight added 7, 8, 8

Atlantis Tricep Extension Machine 15#added/10, 10, 10

Star Trac Bicep Curl Machine 20# added/ 10, 10, 10

Star Trac Tricep Extension (forward) 30#added/ 8, 8, 5

Tricep Press Machine 70#/15, 60#/15, 15

Barbell bicep curls 40#/8, 30#/10, 20#/20

Treadmill walking @8% incline 25 min.



warm up - new P.T. hip exercises & body squats

Seated Leg Ext 40#/20, 10, 12 20#/30 + 10 single on right leg

Seated Leg Press 40#/15 & 120#/12

Seated Leg Curl 40#/15, 12, 10 & 30#/20

Kettlebell deadlifts 15#/15, 15, 15

Low Step Hip Raises 15 each, right side 2x

Body squats in the little squat holder for your feets20, 20, 20

Parallel Bar Pike Raises10, 10, 10

Standing Calf Raises (machine)50#/10, 40#/15, 30#/20

Parallel Bar Straddle Raisess 10, 10, 10

Treadmill walking at 8% incline 20 minutes



warm up and strength move practice

DB Shoulder Press (seated) (2)20#/8, 8, 6 and (2)15#/10

DB Front Raise to Lateral Raises(2)10#/10, 10, 10

BB Upright Rows40#/10, 10, 10

Rear Delts on the Pec Dec (no weight added) 10, 10, 10

Star Trac Shoulder Press Machine 30#/15, 10, 10

Treadmill walking at 8% incline 25 min



warm up

Assisted Pullups 20#/10, 8, 7

Pec Dec 20#/10, 10, 10

Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 55#/10, 10, 10

Star Trac Chest Press Machine45#/10, 10, 10

Bent BB Rows 40#/10 and 50#/10, 10

DB Flyes (2)15#/10 and (2)10#/10, 10

Pushups 10, 10, 10

Treadmill walking at 8% incline for 30 minutes

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Add more plant based foods to your diet. Its easier to start this way than to try to cut everything out and go vegan cold turkey. The more good foods you add to you diet the easier it will be to cut out what you want to gradually without feeling like your meals are missing something.



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