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HI everyone :)


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Ive recently joined, although Ive already spent lots of time reading through everything. Im 35yrs old and have been Vegan for a while now, I did go to the gym regularly and am aiming to get back in there 5 days a week from next week.. I was recently diagnosed with Hypermobility syndrome, hip dysplasia, labrum tear and impingement in my hip so the gym is proving tough at the moment but Im determined to do it..


Ive always gone for a full body workout every time at the gym, but now Im looking at breaking this down into a better routine, hopefully I can grab some advice from you all regarding this as I dont want to cause more damage to my hip


Anyways, fab to meet you all


Mallorie. xx

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Hi Mallorie,


Welcome to the community here! Sounds like even though life has come at your with some serious challenges it hasn't compromised your determination. Great to have yet another positive outlook joining the group here. Hope hear more from you.



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