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Hey Y'all -- from San Antonio TX


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Hi everyone!

I am very new to lifting (although not fitness). I am a dressage competitor, and I love what the little bit of weight training is doing for my riding. My goal is to look like a fitness/bikini competitor (I want a great butt). That said, I am not sure where to start on diet. I do own P90x, so workout wise I thought this may be a good place to start. Any thoughts or suggestions?


H: 5'5"

CW: 115

Waist: 25.5

Chest: 35.5

Hips: 35.5

Body Fat %: Unknown (not sure how to measure and math really scares me!!!)



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Dressage like this?



Welcome to the group here! Starting a training journal or before and afters thread here are great ways to track your progress. Hope to see more from you, and post pics from your dressage comps, interesting stuff and there are of course a ton of animal lovers here, horse fans included.



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