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Macronutrient Ratios

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Hi, I'm new to this community and new to bodybuilding as a vegan.


I have two questions:


1. What is your macronutrient ratio and why (e.g., why is this ratio effective for you)?


2. How does one figure out which ratio works best for them (or for a vegan, obviously)?


Thank you!

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hi carol, i don't have a ratio in the traditional sense, i usually just aim for 2+g/kg of protein and after that, just go for my calorie goals for the day, i usually find that i get just enough fats just from eating my regular foods

i find it's really hard to maintain much more protein than that while still eating good wholesome foods, fruits and vegetables and still enjoying the diet

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Question 1.

2g protein/kg - for muscle building

1g fats/kg - to maintain healthy hormonal levels

rest of my calorie intake = carbs.

Basically I learned that in this thread from the bodybuild forum: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=156380183

Then adapted my diet with vegan food, learned a lot of recipes in the journals section.


Question 2.

Finding out the best ratio, as far as i know, is by trial and error. This ratio that I'm following is working pretty well for me so far, but I will experiment some other types of diet later ( I'm still new to bodybuilding also ).



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