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Hello from South Carolina


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My name is Wendy and I am married with 5 children (ages 4 months to 21 years). I only recently started a plant-based, whole food diet (about 2 months ago). I stopped eating meat and eggs (never was obsessed with it, so that wasn't too hard for me) and started restricting dairy as well (tougher as a certified cheese lover).


I chose to change my diet for health reasons primarily and environmental reasons secondarily. I feel so much better! Within a week I felt a change and it has just gotten better over the past couple of months.


I think I am ready to take the leap and eliminate dairy and other animal products completely from my diet.


At the same time, I am ready to start working out in earnest again after too long of a break. I am inspired to see so many strong vegans represented here! I am restricted to cardio until after my hand heals (right hand surgery coming this Friday), but I am so looking forward to getting SERIOUS about fitness.


Thanks for having me.

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Hi Wendy



I was a cheese fiend at one point and am now clean for a year and half. It was easier than I thought. Once I learned that cheese contains a morphine derivative.. it is easy to understand why you might feel compelled to eat it... but the knowledge also makes it easier to just let that urge go.


My new favorite pizza is by Oh She Glows. A bit more work than your usual pizza.. but soo worth it.


Good luck in your fitness goals.. you can get started on a bit of lower body work while you hand heals too.

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