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"Méthode LaFay"

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Have you heard of the "Méthode LaFay"? Have you already tried this method?


It's a method of body building who only use the strength of the body. The advantage is that we can practise whenever we want at home (or out). It is also less expensive.


Do you think it's a good work out or do you prefer exercise in fitness room?


Thanks for feedback!

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I haven't heard the name before. But you can build significant muscle mass and strength using 'bodyweight'. I put bodyweight in inverted commas because it's usually necessary to add extra weight with belts or vests. Such exercises as dips, pull ups, handstand press ups, single-arm press ups, ordinary press ups, front and back lever pulls, single-leg squats and single-leg Romanian deadlifts are all excellent ways to build strength.


Most of those are the exercises I do now. I started doing them after a back injury ruled out heavy barbells but I wouldn't change back to' normal' gym-type strength training now.

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