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Vegan Olympic lifters

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Hey, I search around some of the Olympic lifting forums some times just to kind of follow the sport as I'm somewhat of a fan even though I don't compete in it myself. Someone at Glenn Pendlay's website back some months ago posed a question about "If the vegan diet is so great, where are all the vegan lifters?" And the thought occurred to me that I don't really know of any competitive Olympic lifters on the national (or above) level. Does anyone know any?


I'm not really a believer that vegans should only listen to other vegans on training advice or anything like that, but it is nice to see other vegans tearing the world up sometimes.

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I don't know any vegan who would consider himself an Olympic weightlifter and actually competes. There were some on veganfitness.net but they all turned to running, swimming or (in my case) powerlifting. Joel from MVS is leading the Olympic lifting table on VF atm but even he is mainly a bodybuilder and probably just tried them a few times.


There is a simple answer to why there aren't many vegan Oly lifters, though: there aren't many Oly lifters. Most just turn to powerlifting or bodybuilding which is easier to do on your own and much more accessible in terms of training facilities etc.

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