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Two vegans in Italy


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Hey guys, I've just come back from visiting my family in Italy for the first time since turning vegan. Needless to say I was "grilled" by some asking me the usual questions...why, how etc.


I spent the first day in a town called Pescara and went out for dinner with friends. I was able to order vegan starter and main which were both good. After ordering, my friends begun asking all sorts of question which my wife and I answerd. It wasn't too bad really, I didn't fell like they were judging us, they were more curious than anything.


We arrived the day after in Termoli, where both our families live. People were in general surprised on learning that we're different from vegetarian and that we don't eat dairy and eggs. Also, Termoli is on the adriatic coast and fish is often on the menu there. I think most people can see why one doesn't eat meat but they somehow see fish differently.

Anyway, they all accommodated our needs and we actually learned a couple of interesting vegan recipes too! I also bought some delicious soya milk there, way better than the one I buy in the UK. It's called "Soy Drink" (brand: Valsoia), try it if you're ever in Italy.


So, Italy "passed" the vegan test regarding food. Unfortunately we saw too many women still wearing fur and that's a real concern. Actually, Rossella sneaked behind two of them and "pinched" a fistful of fur from one of them...their shocked look was priceless!

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hey thats so cool! Im going to rome this summer so I will DEFINITELY be trying that soy milk brand you reccommended. I remember you posted on here in answering my questions about eating vegan in italy. I dont speak italian, so Im gonna have some issues. The program will be able to serve me vegan meals for breakfast and lunch, but dinner is on my own. Did you bring anything on your trip "just in case" ? Im thinking of bringing some cereal packets, soy milk, and luna bars, then go grocery shopping when I got there. anyways Im curious about your experiences!


Never been outta the country, and have only been vegan about a year, so this summer should prove interesting.

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dandylioness wrote:

Did you bring anything on your trip "just in case" ?


I brought some flapjacks and nuts. I didn't cook over there as I was always invited for lunch and dinner to different houses. As I said before, they all accomodated our needs and the variety of veggies on offer there is first class. Had plenty of lentis & beans and pizza with no cheese.

I couldn't find any vegan burgers or similar but you should be fine shopping for anything else.

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