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3x per week full body with dumbbells

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i have recently started doing some weight training, just at home using a set of adjustable dumbbells. i am basically looking to build some lean muscle, cut down on body fat, and improve my strength. for now what i have been doing are 3 days a week doing a full body routine with dumbbells. i usually have a rest day in between each, and then one day of cardio or interval type training (usually either a 5km run or quick paced calisthetic/plyo style exercises).


just looking for some input or critique of my current workouts. i am most definitely a beginner, with only some basic weight training in the past. here are the exercises i have been doing - i chose things that i felt most comfortable with doing, especially when it comes to proper form. any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated


DAY 1 (Mondays)



-Push Presses

-Standing Rows


-Standing Tricep Extensions

-Weighted Crunches, Oblique Bends, and Leg Lifts


DAY 2 (Wednesdays)


-Kneeling Rows

-Standing Flies

-Standing Rows

-Alternating Hammer Curls

-Kneeling Kickbacks

-Weighted Crunches, Bicycle, and Leg Lifts


DAY 3 (Fridays)


-Bent Over Rows

-Floor Presses

-Front/Side Raises

-Side Curls

-Tricep Extensions

-Weighted Crunches, A-Frame Abs, Leg Lifts

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A couple leg exercises I find super effective are wide leg deadlift, and side lunges.


Your training looks good, but it would be worth researching some different movements to hit different muscle groups (like stabilizers), and work on ancillary things like balance (also stabilizers). As time goes on your body will grow accustomed to this routine, and, without alteration, your gains will slowly plateau. I would hang on to this one for about four to six weeks, and then change things up. You don't have to make massively different changes, just something that keeps your body on edge. For example, instead of doing full body each day you exercise (which is kind of what you are doing now) focus on only a couple muscle groups each time you train. So maybe an alternate schedule would be:


Monday - Chest/Back

Wednesday - Core

Friday - Legs/Arms


You could also try combining strength and power exercises in supersets (i.e. back to back, w/o rest). For example, you could do a set of squats, and then immediately thereafter do a set of burpees to tuck jumps. That way you activate both types of muscle fibers, simultaneously building strength and power.


You can find a bunch of exercises on youtube, or on exrx.net. Best of luck!



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thanks so much for your input, very helpful and much appreciated. i definitely agree with what you said about changing things up - will definitely look into doing split routines down the road when i start getting a little more comfortable with using weights more often. also because i get bored with the same things over and over, lol. i'll stick with this for a month or so like you said, then maybe re-vamp it into a split routine with some new exercises.


thanks again

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Just thought I would check in to see how things are going. Any new news?


Any new exercises?


You might like some of the stuff I do. If you get bored, check out my blog (link below/sorry for the shameless plug). Let me know if you learn a new exercise - that is one of my favorite things!

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