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Tyler Pfalzer's Contest Prep.

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Ill be competing September 14th in the 2013 Battle for Tidewater down in Virginia Beach. Im excited, ive got money to put towards this contest this year, as funds in the past have caused me to pull out of previous contests and even the 2012 Battle for Tidewater. Things seem to be going swimmingly for the most part, at least according to my prep planning. Im about 197 pounds and id like to lose at least ten more pounds of fat by contest day, maybe 12. Ill post updates about diet, training, and ill also post pictures.



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Yeah I've already been prepping for about 3.5 to 4 weeks up to this point. So about 8-9 weeks in total. Macros haven't really been precisely tracked up to this point but look something like this.






Next week I'm thinking it will look more like this.




I'm pretty excited. I'm actually happy i didn't get to do any of my previous shows, it feels almost destiny, like i've been preparing for this show for 3 years. The result of all my hard work and sacrifice over the years feels like it's starting to show, at least in my own eyes, which I feel is most important.



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Macronutrient ratios are around

40/30/30. Calories cycle between 1850 at the lowest and 2300 at the highest. I am hungry. :/

I have alot of fat to lose still so im kicking it into overdrive this week. 4 weeks out on saturday!

My hunger can be intense while at work. I dont enjoy running out of protein powder. That extra bit helps.

Tonight a sample plan of my incredibly restrictive 4 week out contest diet.

4 blocks of Tempeh

1 block of tofu

A bag of steamed broccoli

The macronutrients for this are really nice but they escape my carb depleted brain. Theyre logged on the website fitday.com

Which is a good website by the way for logging your food.


Training has been intense as hell lately. I havent been logging many workouts. But ill log my workout tomorrow for everybody. The only things that have changed training wise are more cardio, ive been focusing more on muscle pump and shape as the show draws in. But that doesnt mean Ive been lifting light.



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My energy isn't bad. It's not optimal, but my strength hasn't really dropped at all. Which is odd. This diet isn't optimal for health, but it's optimal for contest preparation so this is to be expected. Just can't wait until I can eat a bunch of fruit again. Thanks for the support MF, It helps!



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Thanks C. O., got an update for you right here mini.


Currently weighing in at 193 lbs. Ten lbs down since I started the cut!

Macros and calories are pretty much the same.

Some days look like this now for lower carb cycling.


My energy is kinda crappy at times. But strength is through the roof?!?

I deadlifted My 2 rep max of 405 in a leg workout the other day. Which I havent been able to pull even once on this deficit.

I am confused but happy.

Here are some pictures, I edited some text into one. The light outside made my almost albino like white skin hide some of my best cuts, Ill have to tan hard this weekend.


- Tyler Pfalzer





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Quick update and bump.

My weight is 188 at 8% bodyfat.

I feel pretty crappy, but my refeed yesterday seemed to help. But it sped my metabolism up alot. Now today on my regular eating days, my energy loss is more intense as my metabolism just rips through the food I give it. I cant wait to get pictures up this weekend

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Hey Guys, I know I haven't updated the log in a while,


It breaks my heart to inform all of you that I won't be competing this saturday. Financial problems arose at the last second which were unavoidable. I am honestly quite disappointed, I worked really hard and trained really hard, I was putting my body through hell to get ready for this show. I was ready too, so ready, I was as cut as I felt I could get and I maintained alot of my muscle mass. If money wasn't an issue I'd be standing on that stage This saturday. But I can't focus on that too much, I've got to keep pushing forward in life. Bodybuilding is all I know, It's my life. I Just have to switch up the game plan now.


I'll be starting a new log soon, more of just a daily everything log that will never end. That sounds like a good idea.


I'm going to be bringing a scary physique to the stage next year.

I have some upcoming projects i've been also working on.

So if you've been following my progress through the years stay with me, because I'm going to be bringing something amazing to the front soon.



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Looking forward to your progress this year Tyler! Don't sweat missing your show - there will be others, many others! Stay focused!


Thank you Scott, there will be many shows in the future. Trust that.


Head up, not really that much of a big deal. Good things take time so just keep at it!


Your right, Mini. I've only been at this for 3 years, and i'll be at it for 30..60..90 more years.


I'll be starting a new log up later that will be a constant life and progression log and I want to keep that going for at least a few years.

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