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Vegan Supplements to Build Muscle, Shed Fat and get 'ripped'

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Hi there,


I am just looking into supplements that may help me to recover quicker from my workouts. I am a 20 year old female, I am vegan, and I am trying to gain muscle definition and shed fat, all to create that 'ripped' effect as I am hoping to compete in the 2014

Fitness Model Contest.


Can you please tell me what supplements may be beneficial and what your advise would be? Even supplements before training and after, I am wanting results, and I think I may start split training so I can work more muscles each day? not sure, would love some help!


I have looked into Glutamine, and thought this may be useful? I am just wanting to know is it Vegan and will it cause any negative side effects.


I would love to hear you answers


Kind Regards


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My trainer recommended HMB as a supplement - 3 grams per day.


I've read that it is effective, and that it is ineffective. It is supposed to shorten recovery, increase stamina, and aid in fat burning. I've only been taking it for two days, and I must say that I am sore as hell after my upper body workout from Tuesday. However, I'm not sure if two days is enough to judge the product.


I think most of these supplements are synthetic, but that often the capsules they come in are animal derived. Truenutrition.com has some vegan supplements. Otherwise, make sure that you don't see any animal related products in the ingredients list - duh.

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