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Tuesday, May 27, 2014:


Upper/HIIT Circuit Day - 3 Rounds, Rest 45 Seconds Between


1. Pushups 3 Ways x 50 (Stacked Feet, Decline Diamond, High Decline)

2. HighKnees x 50

3. Aussie Pullups x 20

4. 123 Heisman's (an Insanity move)

5. Barbell Dips x 15

6. Football Drills x 2


I always forget how tough bodyweight and HIIT training really are. Felt the need to get moving today, as opposed to weights, due to my overindulgence over the weekend. Felt like I definitely put on a few pounds, and want to shed them asap. Back to clean eating as well - I even had potato chips yesterday! By the way, 50 decline diamond pushups is pretty brutal haha.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014:


Core Day - 2 Rounds, No Rest


1. Incline Reverse Crunch w/ Pulse x 12

2. Decline Weighted Situp x 12 @ 25lbs

3. Back Extension x 12

4. Side Plank w/ Rotation x 15*

5. Bicycle Abs x 50

6. Raised Side Briges x 12*


Quick session today since I got home later than usual. Really wanted to get outside with the pup, and attack the weed problem progressing in our back yard - the "un-fun" weed problem haha. Dunno why but core days just don't do it for me lately. I guess I need to study up on some new exercises to change things up a bit. I would really like a medicine ball to do some slams and tosses here and there. Next investment? I'd also love to get some heavier dumbbells as I really miss DB bench, and single arm rows and such. I bet two 70's would do me well for a while, but I just don't feel like shelling out the $150 for them. Haven't stepped on the scale all week which has been liberating. Keeping check in the mirror, and everything looks normal I guess. Legs tomorrow. Food today was: 1 mango, 1/4 small watermelon, 2 apples, 1 pear, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 6 dates, 5 bananas, and a huge salad; later probably more dates and mangos.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014:




1. Bench - 3 x 12 @ 165lbs

2. Row - 3 x 10 @ 140lbs


3. Pullups - 3 x 12

4. Delt Raise - 3 x 10 @ 70lbs


5. Bar Front Dips - 3 x 12

6. Curls - 3 x 10 @ 70lbs


Didn't get to log on Friday because I just got busy doing shit outside right after training. Piece of shit neighbor tried to bully me into paying him to tear down his own fence (we are installing one right up against his). I fucking hate that guy, and all of his shady tenants. I hope they all die. End of story.


Saturday training was good, but later in the day than usual, as I had to go out and get my wife an anniversary gift - it's our 5th year! Also, our tenth year as a couple, which is the longest romantic relationship I've ever had. It's hot as hell here and our AC is still broken (fixed tomorrow though). Residing down in the basement for a few days. I remember in winter when I was complaining about how cold the basement is due to its not being insulated. NOW WHO'S COMPLAINING?!?! Going to relax the rest of the day, maybe with some video games. Going to dinner tonight at this place:http://www.groundcontrolchicago.com/ Hope it's good! Otherwise, food today has been all fruit (mangos, bananas, dates, figs, peanut butter).

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The smiling faces, the hazy picture that subconsciously symbolises happiness, the sense of love, respect and helping each other out...


Shit hold on, you mean this isn't the case for everybody?


Hahaha I wish mate, though that old man looks a little "hands on" if you know what I mean!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014:


Upper Day


1. Close Grip Bench - 3 x 12 @ 110lbs

2. DB Pullover - 3 x 15 @ 60lbs


3. Incline Row - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs

4. Front Raise - 3 x 12 @ 50lbs


5. Decline Alternating DB Press - 3 x 20* @ 70lbs

6. Close Grip DB Curls - 3 x 12 @ 50lbs


Good training today. Felt nice to switch it up from the typical bench press. Not much to say today really. Spent too much money over the weekend. Fence goes up on Friday, which means more money spent... Might take tomorrow off to clean up the house. Other than that, it was a beautiful day outside. Work has been stressful though...

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Wednesday, June 3, 2014:


Core Day - 3 Rounds, Rest 30 Seconds


1. Decline Weighted Situp x 15 @ 35lbs

2. Russian Twist x 20* @ 25lbs

3. Jacknife x 15 @ 25lbs

4. Side Plank Crunches x 12*

5. Bicycle Abs x 60

6. Side Plank Dips @ 18" Bench x 12*


This was fun, and quick training. Those side plank dips on the bench are no joke. Been absolutely starving all the time lately. Maybe I'm putting on some muscle after all! (or just getting fat haha). Not much else to say again today. Must be getting along pretty well. Excited to be taking Friday off. Legs tomorrow!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014:


Leg Day


1. Sumo Squat - 3 x 15 @ 170lbs

2. 180* Jumps - 3 x 12


3. Close Stance Deadlift - 3 x 15 @ 120lbs

4. HighKnees - 3 x 50*


5. Pistol Squat - 3 x 12*

6. Single Leg Deadlift - 3 x 12* @ 45lbs


Been training legs concurrently, as in not independently, too often lately. Need to remember to train them apart, as well as together. Hit up the farmers market outside of the courthouse today, and picked up a few things, including this green garlic. If you haven't tried this stuff, it is THE SHIT! Can be eaten raw. Not bitter, but sweet. It's immature garlic bulbs, and it tastes like straight up mashed potatoes. I tossed it in with some blood onion, tomatillos, and a jalapeno for some badass verde salsa. Here's the recipe, it's ridiculous easy:


Salsa Verde:

1. 8 washed tomatillos

2. 1 stemmed jalapeno

3. 1 bulb/stalk/leaves green garlic

4. 1 blood onion (or green onion/cebollita)


Directions: Preheat oven to 375*, halve the tomatillos, chop up the onion and garlic, place in a baking pan lined with tin foil. Bake for about 20 mins. Allow to cool. Place in food processor, and blitz the shit out of that stuff. Allow to cool fully in fridge, preferably overnight (or eat it warm because you simply cannot wait) and then eat on fucking everything!


I've never shared this here before, but I would absolutely love to have a small restaurant for myself. It would be located adjacent to a college or university, stay open late on weekends, have coffee and small breakfast during the morning, and maybe quick bites for lunch. It would basically be simple comfort food, or drunk food, whatever. All vegan of course. I'd have bicycle messengers deliver en masse to the dormitory. Preferably, I'd be situated between the campus, and the bars. I'd cook up a Sunday brunch fesast. Man, that would be awesome!



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Saturday, June 7, 2014:


Upper Day


1. Bench - 3 x 12 @ 175lbs

2. Row - 3 x 12 @ 145lbs


3. ChinUps - 3 x 10

4. Bar Dips - 3 x 15


5. Delt Fly - 3 x 15 @ 50lbs

6. Hammer Curls - 3 x 12* @ 50lbs


Fence went up today, so I got a later start than usual. Really put it to my biceps today with the chinups and curls. Also, seeing improvement in my bench numbers as well, which is good. Felt really tired this morning, and woke up feeling groggy as hell. Didn't think I would actually get to training today, but submitted toward the end of the afternoon. Anyhow, looking forward to some peace in my back yard now. Need to get the sod back in order, as these guys did a number on it trampling through the lawn...


Here's a pic:


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014:


Upper Body Day


1. Bench - 3 x 15 @ 150lbs

2. Front Raise - 3 x 15 @ 35lbs


3. Single Arm Row 3 x 15 @ 70lbs

4. EZ Pullover - 3 x 15 @ 50lbs


5. Decline Aussie Pullups - 3 x 15

6. EZ Curls - 3 x 15 @ 55lbs


Came home to a mess in the house, which really set me off and made it difficult to focus on training. Bench was way harder today for some reason, like failure harder, which is weird. Added some steamed veggies (broccoli, brussels sprouts) into my salad tonight. I miss eating hot food during the week. Really looking forward to not drinking this weekend, as last weekend was kind of a blowout. Anyhow, that's about it for today... Thinking about how to spend the next 18 months before we try to make a move out of Chicago... Yes, we just bought a house. Still, I'm really tired of living here. Bought the house with good intentions, but it has turned out to be less than expected. Really read for a different lifestyle (read: not high stress, fast paced, etc.). Thinking more and more about having kids, and am certain raising them here would be less than favorable in my opinion. There are a lot of reasons, far more than I could get into in a single post. So, I'll leave it at that. Core tomorrow, or I might take the day and just relax.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014:




1. Front Squat - 3 x 20 @ 70lbs

2. 180* Jumps - 3 x 12


3. Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 165lbs

4. HighKnees - 3 x 50


5. Bulgarian Split Squat - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

6. Lunge Jumps - 3 x 18


Nothing special today. Kind of bored at the moment. I think I need to go through some old posts and pull up some of my circuit training to shake things up a bit. Feels like I've been doing the same shit for many many weeks now, which would explain the boredom, as well as any slowed progress. But... I wouldn't know if there's been slowed progress, as I haven't really been keeping close track of anything as of late. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is...


Family coming into town on Saturday, so I'll probably take tomorrow off to get the house ready. Back Saturday for some full body, or upper/core work.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014:


Upper / Core


1. Bench - 3 x 15 @ 150lbs

2. Row - 3 x 15 @ 110lbs

3. Decline Reverse Crunch - 3 x 20


4. Pistol Grip Pullups - 1 x 12

5. Bar Dips - 1 x 15

6. Oblique Dips - 1 x 12*


Shit training today. Feeling very tired, no energy, no strength, etc. Could barely make it through the last run of the first giant set, so how the hell could I make it through 36 pullups? Not focused either with company coming into town. Slacked on preparation yesterday, and am now rushed to get things done prior to their arrival. In dire need of legitimate vacation. Should probably take a few days off from training, as I feel as if I am digressing. Literally after each set I went into child's pose on the mat for at least 2 minutes. What's up with that? Where's my energy? Definitely feel like I've been eating enough. Not enough rest? Too much training? I've been training non-stop for about two years now; is it time for a break?

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Sounds like it could be time for a little R&R mate, sounds a bit like you are burnt out somewhat.


Maybe you could take a few days off before you train again and see how you feel? Two years is a massive amount of time to be training without a significant break! Take care of yourself buddy MF.

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Sounds like it could be time for a little R&R mate, sounds a bit like you are burnt out somewhat.


Maybe you could take a few days off before you train again and see how you feel? Two years is a massive amount of time to be training without a significant break! Take care of yourself buddy MF.


Yeah man I think you're on to something. The hard part is that I really don't want to take a break since I've put on a few pounds over the last couple months; about 7 total. I'd like to keep my weight down at 152, but weighed in at 159 today, which was disappointing. I'm sure most of it is water retention since I had some salty food this weekend, so I bet I can get rid of at least 4lbs by the end of the week. The problem is that I have been steadily putting on about .5lb each week. Haven't really been watching what I'm eating though (calorie-wise) so I'm sure it would take just a slight adjustment. I'm going to rest today, and maybe tomorrow, then get back at it on Wednesday. Thanks for checking in buddy.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014:


Upper Body


1. Close Grip Bench - 3 x 12 @ 120lbs

2. T Bar Row - 3 x 12 @ 140lbs

3. ChinUps - 3 x 12

4. Lo-Hi Woodchopper - 3 x 12 @ 35lbs

5. Decline Alternating DB Bench - 3 x 12* @ 70lbs (constant tension)

6. Close Curls - 3 x 12 @ 50lbs


First tried to do this as a circuit with no rest in between exercises, and could only make it once before I felt totally spent. Decided to finish out the rest as supersets. Again feeling very low energy throughout training, almost like I just want to stop lifting right there and take a nap. Maybe I need to investigate a B12 supplement? Perhaps I have depleted my body's reserve with the 80/10/10 diet? Maybe that's not really all that sustainable after all? Went to dinner with my parents last night and tried to get some clean food (a wrap with all veggies) but the thing came out all greasy. Pretty sure they put the tortilla on the same grill they make the burgers on (WHY?!?!? and gross). Thinking about training core today, especially since I've been eating poorly over the last few days.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014:


Core Day - 2 Round, No Rest


1. Decline Reverse Crunch x 20

2. Russian Twist x 20 @ 25lbs

3. Oblique Dips x 12* on 18" bench

4. Weighted Situps x 15 @ 35lbs

5. Side Bends x 25 @ 45lbs

6. Bicycle Abs x 60


See update below...

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Thursday, June 19, 2014:




1. Sumo Squat - 3 x 12 @ 200lbs

2. Squat Jumps - 3 x 15


3. Wide Leg Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 120lbs

4. Hi-Knees - 3 x 60*


5. Side Lunge - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

6. 123 Heisman - 3 x 50


Great training today! Good energy throughout, no sense of dread at all. Finally! Must be because I ate a shitload of cherries last night, and dates, and basically stuffed my face with whatever. Perhaps I've been undereating after all; though it seemed like I was constantly eating. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend after having company all last weekend/this week. Not much else to say, just really happy to have my energy back.


Resting tomorrow, hitting it again on Saturday.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014:


Upper Body Day


1. Bench - 3 x 10 @ 175lbs

2. Delt Fly - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs


3. Decline Aussie Pullups - 3 x 12 @ 35lbs

4. Front Raise - 3 x 15 @ 35lbs


5. Bar Dips - 3 x 15

6. Curls - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs


Solid training today. For some reason my bench has felt really weak lately. I haven't been following any real strict progression, so maybe I need to be a little more streamlined. As in, I've been doing sets of random reps with varying weight, so I'm not really sure where I stand strength-wise. Had a better week though with my energy. Must have been the stress of having company that tossed me off my game. Really going to focus on changing things up next week. I feel the need to spend a couple/three weeks doing something totally different than my current routine. I'd love some suggestions...


Nacho pizza for dinner tonight! I'll post up some pics.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014:


Upper/HIIT Day - Circuit - 3 Round, Rest 2 Min. Between


1. Incline Spiderman Pushups x 20

2. Highknees x 50

3. Raised Plank Renegade Row x 10* @ 35lbs

4. 123 Heismans x 50

5. Squat Curl Press x 15 @ 50lbs

6. Burpees x 15

7. Incline Diamond Pushup x 25

8. Football Drills x 2


This kicked my ass! It's amazing how different training like this is than just lifting. This is really challenging work for me. My cardio/endurance is pretty weak right now as I had to take little breaks here and there. I bet my VO2 is pretty sad compared to where it once was in the past. That must change! I'm definitely going to spend the next few weeks making this kind of training the focus, and then possibly hit the weights on Saturdays like I did a few months ago. I actually read through my log here and noticed how boring my training had become. Enough of that shit! I'm also going to fill up the heavybag and get some boxing practice. Excited to see how this works for me over the next couple months!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014:


Core/HIIT Day - 2 Rounds, Rest 60 Seconds Between


1. Hanging Knee Raise x 25

2. Mountain Climbers x 60*

3. Decline Reverse Crunch w/ Pulse Up x 12

4. Toe Taps on DBs x 40

5. Side Bends x 25* @ 45lbs

6. Heisman Drill x 40

7. Oblique Dips x 12*

8. Buttkicks x 40


Next time I do a sole core day, I'm going to limit the number of cardio things to two or three exercises, instead of four. Seems like those really sapped my energy today, and made the direct core training that much more difficult. Actually felt pretty tired today; even fell asleep at my desk around 3pm. So while I should have done three sets of this, I could only muster two. That was even after eating a pretty big snack prior to training (banana, mango, dried pineapple, figs, dried apple, some peanut butter). Sat down to write this and still feel super hungry. Maybe I really drained myself yesterday...



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Thursday, June 26, 2014:


Legs - 3 Rounds, Rest 2 mins


1. Front Squats x 15 @ 70lbs

2. Squat Jumps x 15

3. Deadlift x 12 @ 185lbs

4. Long Jumps x 12

5. Bulgarian Split Squat x 12* @ 70lbs

6. Lunge Jumps x 20


Trained much later than usual last night and then basically crashed right after, so I'm writing this today. Solid leg training, I suppose. DOn't feel much soreness today, but I am super tired. Also, training late (8:30pm) is definitely not my thing, and screwed up my sleep. Woke up at 4am today, and couldn't fall back asleep until around 5am - then rose for work at 6:30. Blech. Taking this evening off to do some lawn work. REALLY looking forward to the weekend as this has been an arduous week.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014:


Upper Body Pump


1. Bench - 3 x 12 @ 170lbs

2. Row - 3 x 12 @ 135lbs


3. Pullups (Neutral Grip) - 3 x 12

4. Front Raise - 3 x 15 @ 35lbs


5. Bar Dips - 3 x 15

6. Curls - 3 x 15 @ 55lbs


Even though I slept in today and felt a little groggy, this training felt great. I think mainly because I put on some good tunes and didn't focus so much on the work, but more just kind of zoned out and trained while thinking about moving out of this city to a smaller town, and how different/better life could be. This was a really long week, so I'll keep this short. Pullups felt great, bench felt great. I think I might have been able to do more than just 12 pullups, which is awesome. In the future I might put those first so I can have the most energy for them. I love the bar dips as well, and looking forward to doing them without a foot on the bench for support. What would be really sweet is if I could find a place to try to do some muscle-ups, but that might be further down the road for me.


Going to make enchilada pizza tonight, which should be fun. I know I said I'd post last week's pizza, but I forgot. I'll definitely post this one tonight since we don't have people coming over - less distraction.


Have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014:


Upper Body Circuit - 2 Rounds, Rest 2 Minutes Between


1. Close Grip Bench Press x 15 @ 115lbs

2. DB Snatch x 20* @ 25lbs

3. ChinUps x 12

4. Pushup Jacks x 20

5. Delt Raise x 15 @ 50lbs

6. Incline Row x 15 @ 70lbs


Good to get back to training after a few days off. Didn't train yesterday because our damn basement flooded after a ridiculous amount of rain on Monday night. So, I spent pretty much all day Tuesday drying things out, and then dealing with contractors who were trying to get our business to repair stuff - most of which was unnecessary. I got fed up with it today and decided to do it all myself. I'm pretty tired too, having not slept well during all of this stuff going on. Looking forward to a few days off from work, and some handyman stuff around the house.

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Friday, July 4, 2014:


Full Body Day - 2 Rounds, Rest 2 Minutes


1. Squat Curl Press x 12 @ 50lbs

2. Long Jump x 12

3. Deadlift x 10 @ 190lbs

4. HighKnees x 50

5. 4/4/4 x 4 @ 70lbs (4 pushups, 4 knee thrusters, 4 rows)

6. Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Raise x 12* @ 35lbs


Felt like total shit today while training. Planned on 3 rounds, but could barely make it through these two. Totally exhausted from the week/stress lately. Lower back showing some significant stress pain; even starting up the highknees was painful with even the slightest amount of twisting. Going to take it easy on heavy weights for at least a week and focus more on corrective bodyweight exercise. Won't train again until Sunday, or Monday.

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