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Get Ripped or Die Trying

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016:




1. T25 Lower Body Focus - 20 Minutes


Today was brutal at work, starting at 5:30am and ending at 5:30pm. A total mental destruction, so you'd think I'd have enough physical energy to get through a 25-minute workout DVD. Not so. I crapped out at 20 minutes and went upstairs hungry and distracted. I broke a small sweat, so it wasn't a total waste -- but could have been much better. I have a jury trial coming up in a few weeks, so I'm sure I'll have more posts like this in the near future. It's like spending a year climbing a long and boring hill only to find a mountain comprised of the same hill only at a far steeper grade and you are required to sprint to the end. In other words, I'm really ready for this case to be over, but I sure as hell am not looking forward to what it takes to get to the finish line. That's about all I've got for today... Chest/arms tomorrow.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016:




1. Pushups - 3 x 50

2. EZ Curl - 3 x 12 @ 75lbs


3. Incline Fly - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

4. Cross Curl - 3 x 12* @ 70lbs


5. Around the Worlds - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs

6. Concentration Curl - 3 x 10* @ 35lbs


Pretty standard strength training for me today. Went at a slower pace than usual so I could make it through without feeling totally wiped out at the end. Had another long and intense day at the office, but that means it's just one more day until the really stressful part is over. I need to start drinking more water because as it gets colder here, the atmosphere gets really dry. It's interesting how the body intuitively craves water. For me, I start thinking about fruit and greens, etc. But, once I start eating those things, I can tell I'm just thirsty. Even well-hydrated fruit like pineapple feels like sandpaper going down. Pretty interesting. Also, I have some big news....


My wife and I are going to have a baby! She's about 8 weeks along, and expected to deliver around June 27 of next year. Such an exciting and utterly terrifying time. Never thought I would reach this stage in life, but Penny really made me realize how much love I have to give and how good I would be at taking care of someone truly dependent. After she passed it seemed like the most logical step. I still miss her so very much every day. This is all a secret to everyone I know, so if you know me outside of here I'd appreciate the consideration. Just felt the need to express that to the outside world for what it's worth. Hopefully I'll be a good father and husband as my wife will need me more than ever now. Definitely motivates me to do the best I can with my job and everything else since there will be a little person depending on me for the rest of my life. With that, it's time to eat some greens and think about the future. Cardio tomorrow.

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Friday, November 25, 2016:


Full Body Circuit Day

(3 Rounds, Rest 4 Minutes)


1. Front Lunge x 12* @ 155lbs

2. Pushup x 50

3. Military Press x 12 @ 75lbs

4. Hammer Curl x 12* @ 70lbs

5. Squat Jump x 12 @ 70lbs

6. DB Pullover x 12 @ 50lbs


First time training all week with the exception of the 50 pullups I did on Monday. Felt like shit the whole time since I overate yesterday. Doing that really has a huge impact on how I feel the next day. I wish I could tolerate moderation a bit more, but I guess that's the American way. I feel better now that I've done this, and put an adequate amount of food in my belly. Been working like a dog the last couple weeks, which would explain why I'm less than enthusiastic when it comes to training. Sleep is ok, I guess. I wake up feeling energized, but that might be from adrenaline/stress combined. Looking forward to the last day of this trial (12/5), and to heading into the holidays without such a brutal schedule. It's been up like this since September--good to keep me occupied, and for experience, but bad for the long run. Hope everyone is doing well! Will train full body again tomorrow, most likely.

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Monday, November 28, 2016:


80 Pullups


Tuesday, November 29, 2016:

1. Squat - 3 x 15 @ 220lbs

2. Squat Jump - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs


Wednesday, November 30, 2016:




1. Pushups 3 Ways - 3 x 50

2. EZ Curl - 3 x 12 @ 705lbs


3. Decline Fly - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

4. Drag Curl - 3 x 12 @ 95lbs


Man, my training has really sucked these last couple weeks. I have pretty much no energy once I get home from work. I have working 11 - 14 hour days for about 3 weeks now, so I guess that explains it a little bit. However, I still find it annoying that I'm just totally wiped out once I get home and have no motivation. I've been taking vitamins too, I guess just too much work and stress is killing my sleep or something like that. I mean honestly, I could just crawl in bed right now and it's barely 7:30pm! Anyhow, enough bitching. A treadmill is on the way here, so maybe I can at least gets some calories spent if I don't have the energy to get under the weights or do any HIIT.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016:




1. Arnold Press - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

2. Delt Fly - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

3. Supinated Row - 3 x 12 @ 95lbs

4. Single Arm Front Raise - 3 x 12 @ 25lbs

5. Chin-Up - 3 x 12

6. Lat Raise - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs


Monday, December 5, 2016:


Pullups x 50


Tuesday, December 6, 2016:


Treadmill x 30 minutes


Well, as you can see we received the treadmill. I set it up on Sunday night, but today was the first real trial run I had time to make. It was surprisingly fun, and a great change of pace. I can easily see myself doing that at least twice per week. I was surprised by how relatively good my cardio state is in. I ran a mile at 6mph and didn't have any trouble keeping pace. The balance I walked either at a quick pace or at a steep incline (12%). I love the incline feature. The model is a Lifespan 1200i that we bought off of Amazon. I think this was a good purchase. Otherwise, I'm still working a ton, and waiting on my wife to start showing (baby progress). The first ultrasound is in a couple weeks, where we will find out the gender. Not really sure whether I'd prefer a girl or a boy, but we intend to find out nonetheless. Exciting times!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016: Treadmill x 30 minutes (run 1 mile, walk 1 mile @ 15% incline)


Monday, December 12, 2016: Pullups x 80


Tuesday, December 13, 2016:




1. Treadmill x 30 minutes (run 1 mile, walk 1 mile @ 15% incline)

2. Squat - 3 x 15 @ 225

3. Squat Jump - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs


Wednesday, December 14, 2016:




1. Treadmill x 30 minutes (run 1 mile, walk 1 mile @ 15% incline)

2. Pushups - 4 x 25

3. Hammer Curls - 4 x 12 @ 70lbs


Simplified training, not very creative or varied at the moment, but it allows me to break a good sweat and get moving. So far I am loving the treadmill. It was a great buy, and easily gave me what the rowing machine lacked - consistent cardio with the opportunity for endurance training. I might hop on the rower from time to time to do some HIIT work on all-cardio days, but I might also look to sell the beast. I can't decide just yet. Otherwise, things are going pretty well. The first ultrasound for the baby is on Friday, and that is very exciting. We've been kicking around names over the past few weeks but haven't landed one. We plan to find out the gender, but maybe if there's another one on the way in the future we will let it be a surprise. Honestly, I think my wife and I are better suited with some predictable stuff so maybe we will always want to know. Exciting times! Back tomorrow with all cardio.

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Man, haven't been on here in forever. I've been training alright, more actually than ever before. I started a new program with this Conscious Muscle program my wife signed me up for as a Christmas present. So far so good. A lot more volume and regular cardio. So far the results have been pretty good. It's a simple 5 day split that amounts to about 2 hours per day of training. I try my best to get it all in. I'll also try to post up some workouts in the near future. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Hows it going Chris? Hope all is good, any pitter patter of tiny feet yet mate?


Hey man, wow can't believe it's been over a month since I've been on here. Still training, actually even more than before. No tiny feet just yet. She's kickin around inside her momma for the time being. We've decided on a name though: Louise Bean. We called Penny "Bean" from time to time, so it's a bit of an homage.


Workouts have been consistent on this plan. Yesterday was shoulders...


1. Standing Military Press - 4 x 12 @ 95lbs

2. Shrugs - 4 x 12 @ 95lbs

3. Calf Raise - 4 x 30 @ 95lbs


4. Seated Military Press - 4 x 12 @ 105lbs

5. Shrugs - 4 x 12 @ 140lbs

6. Stability Ball Crunch - 4 x 20


7. Front Lat Raise - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs

8. Side Lat Raise - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs

9. Incline Rev Lat Fly - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs


10. Cardio - Treadmill x 25 min @ 3.5 pace/15% incline



Takes about 90 minutes. Today will be legs, which is basically a crapload of squats. Good times.


How are you man?

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Haha very good mate, a friend of mine had a baby boy last week and him and his misses are still arguing over a name lol. Good to hear your still hard at it:)

Alls good this end mate, since "retiring" I seemed to be busier than ever lol, hiking, training and when possible help out at a local animal protection centre, currently fostering 2 mad kittens, theyve done a number on the misses new curtains, theyve tore them to shreds, I wanta keep them:)


Take it easy


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Well, I'm back. New developments . . . I'm a dad, we've moved to Madison, WI, I have a new job, and I joined a new gym here. I went yesterday and killed it with upper body work. Today is all about legs. I've decided I'm going to get back into logging my sessions and food. Gained a bit of weight back since I was last around. It's not easy when your wife is pregnant and there's food all over the place, and even after the baby arrived when sleep is not available nor is time to train properly. Anyhow, I'm glad to be back and hope that there are some old friends still about - but that doesn't really seem to be the case. I'll post my routine from tonight probably tomorrow morning.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Legs - Giant Sets


1. DB Reverse Lunge - 3 x 12 @ 120lbs

2. DB Jump Squat - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

3. High Knees - 3 x 40


4. TRX Bulgarian Split Squat - 3 x 12*

5. Box Jumps (18" Box) - 3 x 12

6. TRX Hamstring Curl - 3 x 12 @ 35lbs


7. Stair Climber - 5 minutes (20 flights)


This really kicked my ass. I thought I was going to puke through most of the second half. This was my first time on a stair climber and I found it difficult to get the pacing just right. I didn't hate it, but I'll have to be a little better prepared for next time. I think walking uphill on the treadmill is probably a better option. The gym was basically empty the entire time I was there. However, I did catch some funny looks doing the squat jumps - mostly in the form of "wow that does not look fun."


Going to do some shoulder and biceps work today that will be fun!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017




1. DB Mil Press - 3 x 12 @ 100lbs

2. Hammer Curls - 3 x 12* @ 80lbs

3. Plate Raise - 3 x 12 @ 45lbs


4. Delt Curl - 3 x 10 @ 70lbs

5. TRX Curl - 3 x 12 @ BW

6. Alt. Front Raise - 3 x 12 @ 20lbs


7. Battle Rope - 3 x 30 seconds

8. Medicine Ball Slam - 3 x 12 @ 20lbs

9. Rope Attachment Curls - 3 x 12 @ 80lbs




Saturday, October 7, 2017




1. 10 Mins Treadmill @ 15% incline

2. Decline Situps w/ Ball - 3 x 12 @ 20lbs

3. Side Plank w/ Rotation - 3 x 12*

4. Bicycle Abs - 3 x 40

5. TRX Thrust - 3 x 12

6. Stability Ball Passback - 3 x 12

7. 10 Mins Treadmill @ 15% incline


Well I hit the gym but I forgot to come on here and record everything. I think that was my problem last time when I fell off the wagon. Anyhow, these were some solid sessions, especially from Thursday. Going back today for more chest/back work. Don't care if those aren't optimal or even typical combinations - it's about the workout as a whole for me.

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