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Hi all

I am new to this site and one simple question I am seeking help on.

How the HECK do I get rid of my belly fat? I want my abs to pop! I am a delivery driver so I am always on the move. I am a vegan and during the day I eat mostly fruit and nuts, and for dinner I always eat a veggies0727131625_0001.jpg.f157ed01c4c1fda8d015ede1bc377e52.jpg mostly a small salad. Do I do more ab work or just burn more calories?

Any advice would be great. Thank you


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a 6 pack isn't a mystery or rocket science.

abs will come in at around 10% body fat or less. Very few people ever take themselves to that body fat which is why not many people show a 6 pack. Do ab exercises every day or 2 - so that you'll have some abs to show - but they won't show until you get to that low of body fat. The body tends to store fat around the middle more than in other places so you'll notice you lose fat everywhere else and lastly the abs....kinda frustrating. Any guy with a 6 pack is also ripped everywhere else, you can't target one area for fat loss. From your picture it looks like the sides of the 6 pack are there and your body fat is well under 20% you just need the cuts between pieces now. (To show a 6 pack best the abs are better flexed not relaxed.)

Sounds like the food is fine...be sure to be in a calorie depletion mode (depletion of 500 cal a day below maintenance calories needed is the rule of thumb) and in addition to ab exercises to fatigue the abs every day or 2 you'll want lots of cardio to burn off the remaining fat over the 6 pack.


Hope that helps. I'm a competitive figure bodybuilder and fitness/diet consultant and in off season I'm 20% fat and soft looking. Then for competition 10% body fat with 6 pack and everything else. Success is a combination of ab exercises to fatigue, cardio, and calorie depletion to force the body to burn fat over the abs.

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Thank you for advice. How do I measure my body fat? What abs exercises should I do? I Run and bike is that good cardio? Any feedback would be great. I did FB you and you can see other pics I have posted. you can email as well. [email protected]


Thank you Tommy


ps Anyone else reading this post please give a reply with your input.

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I very strongly agree with Deb.


Also, movements like the squat, Deadlift, and standing overhead press are great movements because they not only work your core/abs, but large portions of your body otherwise too. Building muscle only in your abs in an effort to get a 6 pack will take much longer than building muscle everywhere while also building abdominal muscle tissue. Hanging leg raises, weighted sit ups, and cable crunches are pretty good exercises for directly working the abs.


I always recommend starting strength and stronglifts 5x5 for lifters that haven't yet built a ton of strength. They are the fastest programs to use to make progress (on all levels), they are very simple, and they usually will take someone through their first year or more of lifting. They only require 3 days a week of lifting, and there are only 2 workouts, but they are the most physically demanding lifts apart from olympic lifts.


(starting strength, stronglifts 5x5 is also a very fine program)


Workout A

3x5 Squat

3x5 Press (over head, standing)

1x5 Deadlift alt/or 5x3 Power Cleans


Workout B

3x5 Squat

3x5 Bench Press

3x5 Rows (Pendlay rows, off the ground)

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