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From Meat to Neat!

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Great job dude! There's just no beating going vegan / plant-strong to lose weight... Hope you're also feeling much better (a common and awesome side effect)


Thanks! I am feeling MUCH better; in fact I feel great! I wake up every day ready to "work it harder do it better make it faster . . ." haha. Seriously though, just from the diet, I feel awesome. What's even better is, from the weight training, I can feel every muscle in my body work when I move. Now THAT is truly awesome!

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Here's a couple new progress pics I took tonight a bit after training; maybe 3 hours or more, so as not to cheat. Anyhow, I'm really starting to think more about diet for building muscle, as opposed to diet for losing weight. I posted this on my journal already, but I'll add it here. If you have any thoughts on diet, or training, with respect to my status, and goals I'd love to hear them...


Here are some brief stats:


Height - 5'7"

Weight - 154

BF - 17%? - not sure about this... the scale we have calculates it for me, but, dubious.

Daily Calories - 1700 - 1900 (macros are something like 22g fat, 250g carb, 55g protein)

Training - 4/5 times per week, mix of strength and hiit - more strength at the moment


Goals - maintain current frame, build muscle, reduce body fat to the 10% level, add strength.



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Wow dude that's incredible! Didn't know you used to be that big.. Such great progress man, really impressive

I also think you should invest in a Lone Ranger style blindfold because it looks badass ahha


HAHA! You can be Tonto! HAHAHAHA!


...and thanks buddy.

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