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My training "diary"

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since my first month of gym is passed i should make a kind of diary too about my training and diet.

my goal is to build mass, so basically my training is based on:

10-15 minutes cyclette

biceps barbell curl (15kg for now) 10 x 3

barbell squat (15kg) 10 x 3

Lat pulldown- behind nack- 25 kg 15 x 3

seated row machine 25kg 15 x 3

cable pullover 30kg 10 x 3

roman chair leg raises for abs 15 x 3

chest fly machine 20kg 10 x 3

leg press 35kg 15 x 3

gluteus machine 35kg 15 x 3 each legs

cable curls 30kg 10x3

abs 30x3



i make every rep slow and concentrate about the muscle so i can feel it "burn" at the end of the rep.


i am 22 yrs old 180cm 77kg


basically my diet is made of 4-5 meals

when i finish my training (generally at 8:30 am) i drink sun warrior protein pwders shake with soymilk plus fruits (peach, or strawberrys or bananas) then i cook a carbo-proteic meal after one hour of the trainingfor example today i hate 150g of rise + 150gr, i slept a few hours and at 13:30 i drank another milk shake + proteins and spelt "biscuits" with some fruits then

when i finish to drink i start to cook peas-100gr and soy schnetzel-150 (100gr contains 50gr of protein), i will divide this meal in 2 for 5pm and then for 8pm and before to go to sleep (generally midnight when i dont workout) i drink anther protein shake.

in the days of rest i make simple cardio and walk 3 hours in parks or woods and try to eat less carbs.


tell me what do you think.

looking forward to put my pictures of before and after in a few months

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a lot of people told me is monotonous.

so i guess i will try with this:



Squat 3x12

Leg curl 3x10

barbell bench press 3x12

barbell row 3x12

incline bench barbell press 2x12

Lat machine 2x12

barbell curls 2x15

push down 2x15

leg press 2x15

gluteus machine 2x15

Abs 3x15



lunges with dumbell 3x12

Leg curl 3x12

dumbell incline press 3x12

dumbell bent over single arm 3x12

dumbbell shoulder press 2x12

inverse Lat machine 2x12

dumbbell Curl 2x15

cable curls 2x15

seated row 2 x15

Abs 3x15

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today i made the "wednesday" training workout.


postworkout(8am) shake with soymilk almondbutter and sunwarrior protein.

at 9:30 rise+seitan with yoghurt spicy sauce and curry

at 1pm i will eat 100gr of wheaty smoked veganslices

at 5pm fruits and a bit of almonds

at 8pm 200 gr of smoked tofu and salad with soygranulat

at 10pm or 11pm before to sleep another proteic shake

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Hello! How are you?


From what I know, soy has to much estrogen and that is not good for us guys. I am telling you this because yu seem to eat a lot of it. I would skip all soy products. I have had my share of soy when I was vegetarian, but now I dont eat at all.

You definately need more carbs to build muscle. Natural sources of high carb foods are: rice, potatoes, oats, etc. These are not good for someone who wants to lose weight, but for someone who ant to build mass. You are supposed to eat carbs after training.

Before training, you are supposed to eat healthy fats: coconut, avocado, soaked nuts (walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds).


Another simple rule is: try to have your proteins in the morning, carbs at noon, fats in the evening.


You can find medium content carbs, protein/fats and fibre in: nuts, seeds, lentils, peas, buckwheat, quinoa, millet.

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