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Wheat & Gluten drama follows lactose intolerance due to GMOs

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Don't even get me started! That is why I cut out wheat from my revised meal plan. Of course, every time I turn around I have to do this. That is why the plan contains some of the crudest and most under-appreciated sources of nutrients, but the diet itself seems to be god given. People will often not do the research necessary or simply be unwilling to do it when they know. Wheat is a viscious combo of both of these aspects. Most people think it is healthy, and if they know the truth, are probably unwilling to switch to something like brown rice bran.


And then there is the whole issue of GMO vs all natural vs organic, even further confusing the masses.

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The point of my post was this:


People are neither wheat or lactose intolerant as per nature. People in India have been living off it for 5000 years.


Whats wrong is what these Western GMO UNNATURALIZATION companies did with it.


Well, no. Even the article you posted doesn't claim that. It's actually quite responsible, focusing on pesticide use, but not tying GMO crops to gluten intolerance, celiac, or nutrition.


Instead, they blame the degradation of wheat on hybridization and cross-breeding, methods we've been using for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. They're correct that wheat today doesn't resemble what it was in "ancient" times, and neither do corn, carrots, tomatoes, etc. However, that has nothing to do with "GMOs."

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