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Richard Hawthorne pulls 601 @ 130, new WR!

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I know Richard isn't vegan, but thought irrespective of that this was worth posting up


I watched the live stream of the meet last weekend, it was the CAPO Powerlifting Nationals in Australia. This is what he posted shortly after the meet...


"If you do know me, you'd know that I never talk brag or boast about myself EVER! But on this day I feel that I deserve every right to do so for the simple fact that I not only just achieved these things but what makes it even better is I said that this will happen over 10 years ago!


This past Sunday August 11 2013 at CAPO National in Hobart Tasmania:


•I went 8 for 9 on my lifts

•I broke the all time Squat world record for the 132lb/60kg weight class with a 562 lb/255 kg squat

•I hit a PR benched of 308.6 lb/140 kg

•I broke the full meet Deadlift all time world record with a 601 lbs/272 kg Deadlift

•I broke the all time 132 lbs/60 kg weight class total with a 1,471 lbs/667 kg weighing only 130 lbs / 59.4 kg in body weight RAW w/wraps

• that also put me at 11.4 x my body weight being the four to do 11 time bw but the strongest man in the history of the world EVER, POUND FOR POUND!


And the icing on the cake is i asked to be drug tested to show that I not only did these things but I did them all drug free and everyone thought I was just a Deadlifter, 13 years of trails and tribulation of personal and non-personal things only to just be noticed and not recognize knowing what i do and can do is greater than what was believed/saw in me, was just frustrating but pure fuel to continue to do what I knew I could do. This is just the beginning but also the ending of an area in my journeys."



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Here's a cool pic of his 530lb second attempt




I asked him how he's feeling now, after the meet. He replied:


"Good now jus felt beat up for a lil while. i feel good about the meet tho but not satisfied. Might look at coming back to Australia."


Cray to think that despite his numbers he still felt he possibly could have done better, funny how our minds work sometimes aye.

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