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New Vegan.


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Hey guys. My name is Nathan and I am 20 years old. I have recently changed my diet to plant based, I have wanted to for some time and have finally gotten the courage to do so. My question is that even though it has only been 3 days, Ive been feeling very tired, weak and hot a lot since the change my body feels some what off?

My diet is hitting around 3500kcal and about 150g protein 70g fat it consists of 6 meals a day and full of fruit and veg I see nothing that could make me feel this way so im wondering is this normal and will it pass? Will my body adjust?

Any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks

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Welcome to the forum brother, its a great community to be a part of. The first couple days youll likely be flushing alot of crap and toxins out of your body from your old diet. What does your carbohydrate intake look like.? How much do you weigh? How much body fat are you carrying? Were you a relatively healthy omnivore before making the switch?I have to know some stats to give you advice. But so far you sound like your on the right track brother. Keep your head high and trust yourself, youll be feeling healthier soon!

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I think any diet change makes you feel like crap. If you have pets you will know that when you introduce new food you should mix it slowly in with their old food to make the adjustment easier on their tummies. I'm not recommending you mix in your old food tho.. just giving that as an example.


I felt tired and weak for about 3 weeks when I first switched to vegan. Since then it has been all good. Make sure you are getting your b12, eat lots of green leafy veggies and legumes for iron, and make sure you are getting enough iodine.


It will get better. Hang in there.

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Thank you guys very much for the support, honest means a lot.

As far as my numbers go I'm 5"7 so I only weigh about around 60kg. As for carbohydrates their in all my meals my meals contain as follows,

Breakfast- raw Oats with coconut milk, banana and pea protein shake

Snack- seeded wholewheat bread with peanut butter, banana slices and an apple

Lunch- tofu stir fry with wholewheat noodles, big heap of spinach, peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

3rd meal- mixed bean chilli with potatoes and a salad

4th meal-fruit and a protein shake

Dinner- lentils, green veg and brown rice

Bedtime snack peanut butter and apple slices with grapes


As far as my b12 and iron. Not going to lie I have no idea about iodine xD!

I take a multivitamin and minerals (it says all 100% including all the B's), flaxseed oil and Vit C 1250% every morning. I didn't know if I should take a B complex as well but I don't want to over do it on the B vitamins.


Again any adivce would help. I want to make sure I do this right, I don't get much help from my family seen as their all big on meat and wouldn't know where to start. At the moment im just going by the research I've done and current vegan athlete diets.

Thank you so much guys!!

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Veganhealth has good recommendations to follow.


Do be cautious of multi vitamins.. over the long run they will not have enough b12 for a vegan. And supplementing vit A and E is known to have negative effects.


Your meals looks good - you include some diversity and not much junk so I think you should be good.

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