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Formica's log 2013-14

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Here's another attempt at a log!


My primary sport is roller derby, and everything else I do is pretty much in support of that, though I do enjoy cycling and lifting weights in their own right as well. My background is in my last log here: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=26984.


I'm currently on the B travel team and not the A team. My goal is now just to improve my playing; I don't have a goal to get back on the A team per se.


This is my schedule at the moment, or it will be starting 1 Sept, as August is our derby month off so I am not skating right now.


Monday: cycle to/from work (1/2 hr each way), off skates training (2 hrs)

Tuesday: cycle to/from work, derby practice on occasion (2 hrs)

Wednesday: cycle to/from work, weights (45 min)

Thursday: cycle to/from work, derby practice (2 hrs)

Friday: cycle to/from work, weights

Saturday: rest

Sunday: derby practice (3-4 hrs)


My cycle commute is just under 12 miles and about an hour round trip, but obviously I do half of that in the morning and half in the evening. Realistically I cycle in around 4 days a week. I also cycle to the gym, to off-skates session, and part of the way to Thurs/Sun practices, so I cycle about 50-60 miles per week.


Monday off-skates sessions are a mix of weights, agility and plyo/circuits.


Wed/Fri weights sessions are just quick, three exercises: one day is deadlift, bench and row and the other day is squat, shoulder press and pull ups.


Tuesday practices are optional for me, so I plan to go every other week but might end up going less. Thursdays are two hours and Sundays are 3 hours of scrimmage, with an additional hour of team training around once a month.


I lost a little bit of weight in the beginning of this year, so I'm currently around 67kg (148 lbs). I'm not trying to lose weight but I wouldn't mind being a bit closer to 65kg, though wouldn't really want to go below that while playing derby.

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I'm getting more consistent with weights now. These are my current lifts for reps for the main lifts (can do about 3 reps of this weight).


Squat: 75kg/165lbs

Deadlift: 85kg/187lbs

Bench: 45kg/99lbs


I'm pretty pleased with bench as I've only just got back to doing it and that's around what I was lifting when I was doing it regularly six years ago.

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Let's see... I went to the gym last Friday and to practice on Sunday. I cycled on Tuesday. That's about it for this week. The drain on our tub sprung a leak and it's not fixed yet, which means I haven't showered much lately. I'm also going to a training course for work. So my usual routine is a bit disrupted.


Going to practice tonight and gym on Saturday -- going to watch my team's first game at Playoffs (through the internet) on Friday so have to push the gym visit back a day.

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Hey you!


Awesome back pic!


You still living in London?


I'm thinking of moving to the UK next summer. I spent this summer in Canada and I'm seriously considering the UK for next summer. Let me know. You're one of my favorites of all the people I've met from this awesome forum. And I've met a lot of people! Hugs.

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Last week I did little exercise and ate a whole lot. This week I'm being a bit more disciplined.


Sun: 4 hrs practice

Mon: cycled, 2 hrs off skates training,

Tues: cycled, 2 hrs practice


I'm quite sore today and my knee is hurting so I'm not going to cycle to work today and I'll see how my knee is doing before I make a decision about whether to go to the gym tonight.

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