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I've been trying to do pull-ups for over a year now. I've lost a shed ton of body fat, I'm training all the right muscles with my PT, but I just can't do it. I do assisted ones at the gym, but on their own it's impossible for me currently. Any tips on how a female bodied person can do them?

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Do the assisted pull ups, find out what weight you can do at 3x15 ( split between the different grips on the machine, ie one set could be 5x grip A, 5x grip B, 5x grip C ) and just remove a weight every week or two as you get stronger, or as andi said, negative pullups


when i started i did negatives at home, and later when i joined a gym i did the assisted pullups, the assisted pullups are a little less awkward to do, and the variable weights are helpfull

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