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air in the stomach

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since i am going to gym and changed my diet (even if i am vegan since 4 years) habits, i feel like i have a constant air in the stomach, i dont know what can really be.

for example after the morning workout i drink a protein powder shake with vanilla soymilk and banana and eat carbs+protein like rice/oats/spelt etc. + pure seitan (the one cooked with the seitan powder so no additional flavours etc. 81 gr of protein) then for lunch rice-cakes with smoked tofu or wholemeal bread with tofu burger (cooked in the kitchen grill with no oil or other fat things), for snack i eat fruits + a fist of mixed dried fruits (nuts, almonds, peanut, cashews) then for dinner salad, soja schnetzel+cauliflower and before to sleep another protein milkshake with another fist of mixed dried fruits.

with this diet plan my metabolism is getting faster so the times i go to bathroom (sorry again) are doubled, but i dont know hot to explain this air.

i am getting crazy

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Maybe you have an issue with gluten. Seitan used to destroy my insides. Since ive gone gluten-free, my gastrointestinal health is much better. I just remember having serious issues with wheat, seitan especially since its pure gluten.

Exactly what I was going to say. My girlfriend is gluten intolerant, and when I switched to eating mostly gluten free due to us both eating the same meals I noticed a considerable difference in how bloated I felt.

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i dont think is about seitan or gluten because i have never been intolerant to it, i think is about dried fruits+fresh fruits together maybe? and of course the amount of grams of protein that i take now everyday is way much more and more than before by the way for this reason do you think my body will get used to it? or should i combine other things with the protein shakes or proteic food to not have this problems?

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