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Hi from France !


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Hi everyone !


I'm a 23-years old girl from Paris, France. I'm a law student and complete sportaholic.

I became vegan in 2009, when I realized my vegetarian diet was still a killing uncompassionate diet.


I'm kind of addicted to my Gym. I have a true love for fitness, and most of all, to Body Attack. I also run, and my very dream is completing an Ironman.


Well... that was before this summer, because I've somehow had a tibial stress fracture. I knew it since may, the MRI confirmed it in july.


No fitness, no running, almost no walking for two months... I decided to use this "no cardio time" to lift weights. And I actually love it. I spent hours on the Internet learning about diet and lifting, and read Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding and fitness.


Of course, from 10-15 hours high intensity cardio/week to 2 hours low intensity cardio + lifting... I have build muscles, but also put bodyfat on, since I dit not want to starve myself. I'm ok with it, because I know it will go out of my body when I'll be back in Body Attack and running.


Today I went for a 5 minutes very easy run, and my physio believes I'll be completely ok in october.


I won't stop lifting, and there I am. I'm going to open a "journal" topic, and add my diet, workout, and progress pictures (or maybe should I open another topic for that ? please tell me !).


I would really love to have feedback, and look forward

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Thank you for your warm welcome !


C.O., Body attack is a LesMills class. http://w3.lesmills.com/global/en/classes/bodyattack/about-bodyattack/

It's completely addictive, especially after a day of work, when you want both to have fun and give all the energy you have.


vegan_rossco, never, ever, seat in a random restaurant and say "hey i'm vegan what can I eat". French people obviously think that cheese/meat are part of tradition (you know, french cooking is the very best, etc. etc.).

BUT, there are plenty of vegan or vegan-friendly places to eat or buy food. Feel free to ask more when preparing your trip.


muchidna, i've always been a sporty kid. I need to move, i need to sweat, and i love it. If I don't, I don't sleep either, i'm not able to focus on work... I somehow regret that my job will mostly be a desk job. I think i'm built for outdoor and physical jobs.


DeeVeganDee, thank you so much That 5-minutes thing is so boring, but I try to be patient.


I'm highly overbooked this week, but I'll begin the journal next week

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