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Quick stats




Bf% currently 13-14 (rough guess)

Bf% goal 8-9 (possibly leaner)


Ok so I'm not huge but I got some muscle I'd hate to leave behind on my quest for leanness. So 2 months ago my wife got me to watch forks over knives which I'm sure yall have heard of plenty by now. After watching, it really opened my eyes to my own personal health. I was eating between 1-2 pounds of meat a day not to mention cheeses and eggs and whatnot. So this was a big switch for me and I did it cold turkey while being plant strong ever since. Everything I eat is plant based now and I def feel all around better. Although I feel better and health IS the ultimate goal here I've worked hard for what I got and would like to keep it if not increase it a lil down the road. So any body builders out there have tips or strategies or maybe I'm just worried over nothing and will realise that over some time???? What scares me is I haven't seen a whole lot of bigger guys (not that there aren't any) that eat this way. I'm really hoping this forum can help me out with keeping my gains or at least suppress my fears ... If u need more info than what I have posted feel free to ask... Oh yea I'm Todd by the way lol

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