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WWF Wrestlers

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I can dig it, I can smell what you're cookin, and if you're not down with that I've got two words for ya!


I've been told I'm "just to sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!" cause I'm old school, not new school, maybe it's middle school, you old fool. I'm not way back, but I'm back, back then with Macho and Beefcake, Demolition and the Powers of Pain. The Rockers before HBK, and then middle school like nWo and the Wolfpack.


I'm a Bret Hart man and a Warrior, before he went crazy. I'm a Heartbreak Kid, cause I'm a sexy boy.


I'm a Hulkamaniac back when it was still cool, and I'm a fan of Jake the Snake.


I don't know all the new guys and phrases and little sayings they do. But one thing I'll ask is Whatcha gonna do....when Keegan The Vegan runs wild on you


Cheeke 3:16 says Keegan just whipped your

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The lights dim....the crowd goes wild....Mixed up Rob and JW The Leg-end Killer look onwards in fear.....CRASH...BANG....fire works shoot upwards in the air!!!!


BIGBWII's lone figure sends the crowd in a frenzie!!!


He runs to the ring and jumps over the ropes (bobby lashley like) and clothes lines Mixed up old school/newschool Rob and DDT's JW the Leg-End!!!

the crowd goes wild



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............ and then Bigbwii regains conciousness realizing that it was all a dream. Bigbwii is told by concerned medical staff that he had been out for over an hour after being RKO'D by JW THE LEGEND KILLER!!!!!

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Bigbwii gets out of his hospital bed and suddenly appears at the arena where mixed up Rob and JW the Leg-end Killer are fighting like two fairies!


the crowd goes wild as bigbwii runs onto the ring and jumps from the top turn buckle onto the both of them JW is out cold but Mixed up Rob has fallen onto the ropes the ever alert and superbly chisled Bigbwii administers a 619 knocking mixed up Rob clean out


takes the VWWF belt and the fans go crazy....the lights dim....wait who's this????

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could it be??? yes!!! it is JW's sultry, buxom but deadly manager Trish Stratus. Bigbwii is mesmerized by her sudden appearance (or by something)

While Bigbwii is ogling Trish, JW the legend killer rises from the mat and hits Bigbwii with a devastating low blow followed by an RKO. JW leaves the ring with the belt and Trish to thunderous applause. Stratisfaction is sure to follow!

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....I'm sorry, I had to.


This is quite the thing that's gotten started, all the "trash talk". I don't know how I'd fare up against anyone on this site in a wrestling match. If I got matched up against someone on here, my strategy would be to try & outrun them until they got tired enough to pin, but this is a fitness forum, so that could take a while....

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Hey Big, just look up at that forearm I'm sportin next to my tag-team partner Triple H........and don't overlook Stephanie McMahon who is checking me out.


JW- take note man. I am the game and you can't break me.


Anyone tries to play the game......they get dealt wit!


Welcome to Keegan's World.


Keegan The Vegan - Can't break me.

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Keegan Da Veegan says farewell to Triple H and walks through the car park to his car....trip.....bang......smash he's slammed into the side of his car by none other than BIGBWII DA BARBARIAN


He's picked up by Bigz and Bigz tombstones Keegan Da Veegan (Undertaker style) on the roof of his car!!!



Bibwii jumps off the car satisfied with the job well done and slithers off into JBL'S limmo leaving Keegan Da Veegan limp and lifeless,

the crowd is stunned and silenced.....

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Big taking it to the extreme. That is the way wrestling is moving these days. The taller the ladder the better the fall, the more sledge hammers and foreign objects the better.........what happened to old school? Where men settled it in the ring or at least inside the area? Back when the arm twists and arm bars were cool......back when the front to front bear hug could make a man drop to his knees.....back when a leg drop was a finishing move.


What happened to the rehersed interviews in the lockerroom when the guys would stumble over their words but just keep on going?........When did we substitute the flying elbow from the top rope to the flying elbow from the top of a cage or ladder?


I'm all about figure four leg locks, not about jumpin a guy in the parking lot.


What happened to the good old days?

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Hey, your right but you forgot about the half naked girls wrestling each over!!!


and the guys showing kids that it's ok get drunk and to hit women!!!


I agree Wrestling sure is changing but they are still filling the stadiums it seems!

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Remember Jim Ross says, "I could care less who wins, I could care less who loses.....as long as we have an a$$ every 18 inches I'm happy."


Meaning, they just want to sell tickets, fill arenas and sell merchandise.


Yeah, wrestling is getting to be totally crazy these days....all the stuff about stalking the Undertaker's wife, and Stone Cold pretending to shoot Vince McMahon and all that stuff that I haven't even seen over the past couple of years but have heard bits about.


I miss the old days, mercy in the ring, the characters that you just couldn't help but love or hate.


The good days.


That said, I'm still the Game, and you don't wanna play me!

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Don't forget this:


I am the game....because I am that damn good.....and I do my job better than anyone on this planet!





Oh Man! I am so jealous! The Game is my favourite!

was this picture taken when he was all bulked up?

How is he as a person? ok...I'm rambling like a schoolkid


btw the game can't stop me , NOBODY can stopme cuz I'm the




(vegan worms only)

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I have photos with lots of wrestlers including Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Billy Gunn and one cool photo of me being put into a Diamond Cutter by Diamond Dallas Page.


I almost got hired by the WWF in 2001 (not as a wrestler but a member of their athletic training staff as a sports therapist). I have written many stories about my efforts to get hired by them and how close I got.


The Game is a good guy. I've seen him a bunch of times but only talked with him briefly once. I think he's pretty level-headed if you can believe that.


Don't even test the game, you can't play me!

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Rob, do you still ever try to get into the sports therapy aspect of the WWF? That might be good for you, especially if you still wanted to use massaging (if they do it at all) to train your arms again.


Yeah, they still use sports massage therapy, which is what I specialized in, but I retired 2 years ago and lost my interest in Pro Wrestling 5 years ago.


I still feel tempted but naw, I'm done with that. I've got a few projects I'm working on that are fun and keep me busy. I am doing a few massages here and there to keep the forearms large and in charge....don't worry, I'll post some photos in a couple of weeks and I should be in great shape!

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Yo JW and B.I.G.


Just check who I role with and step off, yo!




OOOOOHHH JW and BIG are just a shakin!!!

hey aren't those guys the ones not good enough for the show


BIG hasn't been around much since that devastating RKO

so look out Rob and co. !!!!!! you could be next!!!!


Rob and his Posse are gonna perish and the hands of the LEGEND KILLER!!!!!



(actually, Buff used to be pretty cut if I recall)


Are Big Poppa Pump's biceps as freakishly huge as they look like on TV?

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Breaking news from the VWE:


The LegendKiller has continued his relentless attack upon Former VWE title holder Bigbwii.


Sources close to Bigbwii confirm that as he arrived at the hospital via ambulance after the latest RKO attack, the LegendKiller appeared from nowhere, RKO'd the ambulance attendants and powerbombed Bigbwii onto a rolling stretcher.


Witnesses claim that the Legendkiller then pushed the stretcher down the entrance ramp.


no word on Bigbwii's condition.

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Are you kidding? Bigbwii was the champ?


I run this vegan wrestling show, I am the game, I am that damn good, and I'm not just some boy toy....I'm the sexy boy who is the real deal, the champ!


You'll have to strip the non-leather title from around my waist if you want a piece of the gold!


And that's the bottom line.....cuz Keegan The Vegan said so!

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