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moving abs in the days off

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i am building mass but in my actual program (3days per week) i have just one exercise for the abs and is the normal crunch 3x15, but i feel like the exercises for the abs are not enough and i dont feel such a big change or "pain" at the end of the session, so i was thinking, what if i move the abs exercises in the days when i dont do the others so i can work them better and give them more attention?

i was thinking to do normal crunch 3x15 decline bench crunch 3x15 and roman legs raise 2x15 what do you think is too much? something to change?

looking forward for your tips

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Hi edens, definitely, I have found for me atleqst that I'm able to hut and a few times a week, and they recover faster for me, and its very convenient as I can do it with minimal equipment, also helps me feel better ably bulk fat bc of the pump and occasional soreness, ill post more when I get home in an hour

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so yeah, i really hate splitting my gym days into abs days, when i can do that stuff at home, and focus more at the gym


i personally do stuff like this


russian twists (with weights)

crunches (with weights)


plank(with weights sometimes)

leg raises


and i do like 3 supersets of those things

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hi edens, it really depends on what you can do with good form, many of these exercises are done by time, not reps


start off with 1 minute plank, go for as long as you can (i usually do 2 or 3 minutes)

then straight on to do 40 russian twists (each turn is 1 rep, not each time you go back to where you started)

then straight on to 30 crunches

then a minute of pedals

then 30 leg raises

then a break and do it all 2 more times


and just change the times according to your own core strength, just make sure you have good form, especially on the plank and crunch, many people have trouble with the plank, so if your ass falls out of form, swap to next exercise


as you get stronger, you can rest plates on your back for the plank, hold them at chest for crunch, and for the russian twists, i use an adjustible dumbbell, and can go up as i like it


for the russian twists also, make sure you are controlling the movement, your legs are raised off the ground (or you can leave them on the ground if it's too hard), and you're twisting your body and try to take out as much inertia from the movement as you can, so you're not just throwing the weight from side to side, but making your muscles work


again yeah, it's a good idea to do this at home, i used to do it at gym and i hated splitting up my other days, or adding an extra 15 mins or so to the end of a workout

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