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Hi there!


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I just wanted to introduce myself!

I'm Loris, i'm 22 years old and i'm from Italy (Rome in the specific), vegan from about 3 years and training hard from 1!!!

I've started being more constant/serious in eating/training/lifestyle from this winter with crossfit classes, then i'm into calistenics and bodybuilding from few months. I read this forum from several months and i would like to thank you a lot for all the advices and the help i found, in this first year of fitness i've obtained lots of my goals and is even due to your posts! By now i'm really glad to become part of this community and i hope i can give my contribute!

(I apologize for the bad english of this post but i'm writing it really in haste becouse i cant wait to start posting/reading around, congratulation for the beautifull forum/site/blog!)

See you around!

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Hi Loris,

Dont worry about your english, there are people here from all over the world and actually your english is pretty good. Have you thought about posting some before and after photos or starting a training journal in the forum here with us?



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thank you guys! Right now im just wandering around the posts (there's a lot of stuff round there, i already love this place!), and i will transfert my training journal from paper to a post hopefully very soon! Saddly i dont have lot of before photos, my transformation was a little "unusual" but i will tell you about that later , but here's a pick of me taken just few days ago !


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