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Ravingrunner ~ Training and Diet Journal


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The Arizona Cut ~ 3 weeks ~ Plan


The Arizona 3 week cut.




To lose 10 lbs.

Not to lose any muscle mass.

Reestablish a habit of lifting 4 days a week.

The Diet Plan:


Cycle my calories between 1,200 to 1,600 based upon the amount of calories burned daily.

1,000 to 1,500 calorie deficit per day.

Stay with my current vegan diet, but eliminate as much processed foods as possible.

The goal is eat mostly nutrient dense foods.

Raise protein intake to 100 grams a day.

No cheat meals or days for the 3 week period.



Run 6 days a week, 3 long runs, 2 speed runs, 1 recovery run.

Weightlifting 4 days a week using the ws4sb program.

Duathlon training 3 days a week, to co-inside with speed and recovery running days.

Back prehab and sore strengthening 4 days a week.

This to take in consideration:


Because I’m only a few months back from an injury and very long lay off my back is not yet strong enough to truly do maximum effort lifting. So I want be maxing, which will help to not over over tax my cns. Also for this same reason I still have some issues with my metabolism so I will need a much lower calorie diet then would be normally recommended in order to lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks.




Max-Effort Upper Body

A. Max-Effort Exercise – work up to a max set of

3-5 reps in one of the following exercises:

» Thick bar or regular barbell bench press

» Barbell floor press

» Rack lockouts / Suspended chain lockouts

» Incline barbell bench press (regular grip or close grip)

» Close-grip bench press

» Weighted chin-ups

» Band bench press (*recommended for not-so-skinny



B. Supplemental Exercise – perform 2 sets of max

reps in one of the following exercises. (Choose a weight

you can perform for 15-20 reps on the 1st set. Use the same

weight for both sets and rest 3-4 minutes between sets).

» Flat DB bench press (palms in or out)

» Incline DB bench press (palms in or out)

» DB floor press (palms in)

» Barbell push-ups (wearing weighted vest)

» Blast strap push-ups (wearing weighted vest)

» “Criss-cross” chain push-ups

» “Triceps death”

» Chin-ups (don’t perform these if you chose to do

weighted chin-ups for your first exercise)


C. Horizontal pulling / Rear delt superset – Superset

one exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2″


Perform 3-4 supersets of 8-12 reps of each exercise.

Group 1

» DB rows

» Barbell rows

» Seated cable rows (various bars)

» T-bar rows

» Chest supported rows


Group 2

» Rear delt flyes

» Scarecrows

» Face pulls

» Seated DB “power cleans”

» Band pull-aparts


D. Traps – Perform 3 – 4 sets of 8-15 reps of one of the

following exercises:

» DB shrugs

» Barbell shrugs

» Safety squat bar shrugs

» Behind the back barbell shrugs


E. Elbow flexor exercise – Perform 3-4 sets of 8-15

reps of one of the following exercises:

» Barbell curls (regular or thick bar)

» DB curls (standing)

» Seated Incline DB curls

» Hammer curls

» Zottmann curls

» Iso-hold DB curls




Dynamic-Effort Lower Body

A. Jump training – choose one of the following exercises and perform 5-8 sets of 1-3 jumps:

» Box jumps

» Vertical jumps

» Broad jumps

» Hurdle hops (jump over hurdle and land on ground)

» Box squat into box jump

» Depth jumps (onto box)

» Weighted Reactive box jumps


B. Unilateral exercise (w/ added ROM) – choose one

of the following exercises and perform 2-3 sets of 8-10


» Bulgarian split squats, front leg elevated (holding DB’s

or with a barbell)

» Barbell reverse lunge, front foot elevated

» Barbell reverse lunge w/ knee lift (front foot elevated)

» Step-ups (box height slightly above knee)


C. Hip extension exercise – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps:

» 45-degree hyperextensions

» Reverse hyperextensions

» Pull-throughs

» Swiss ball back bridge + leg curl

» Glute-ham raises

» Romanian deadlift

» Forward sled dragging, upright posture (3 sets of 30



D. Weighted Abdominals – choose one of the following exercises and perform 4 sets of 10-15 reps:

» DB side bends

" Offset barbell side bends

» Barbell Russian twists

» Low cable or band pull-ins

» Hanging leg raises

» Weighted Swiss ball crunches

» Spread-eagle sit-ups (holding DB over chest)

» Standing sit-ups (using a band or a high pulley)




Repetition Upper Body

A. Repetition Exercise – choose one of the following

exercises and perform 3 sets of max reps OR 4 sets of 12-

15 reps:

» Flat DB bench press (palms in or out)

» Incline DB bench press (palms in or out)

» DB bench press on Swiss ball (palms in or out)

» DB floor press (palms in)

» Push-up variations

» Chin-up variations

» Barbell bench press (55-60% of 1RM)


B. Vertical pulling / Rear delt superset – Superset one

exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group

2.” Perform 3-4 supersets of 8-12 reps of each exercise.

Group 1

» Lat pulldowns (various bars)

» Chin-ups (don’t perform these if you chose to do chinups for your first exercise)

» Straight arm pulldowns


Group 2

» Rear delt flyes

» Scarecrows

» Face pulls

» Seated DB “power cleans”

» Band pull-aparts


C. Medial delts – choose one of the following exercises

and perform 4 sets of 8-12 reps:

» DB lateral raises

» L-lateral raises

» Cable lateral raises

» DB military press

DB side press


D. Traps / Arms superset – Superset one exercise from

“Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2.” Perform 3


Group 1 (Perform 8-10 reps)

» DB shrugs

» Barbell shrugs

» Safety squat bar shrugs

» Behind the back barbell shrugs


Group 2

» Barbell curls (8-10 reps each set)

» DB curls (8-10 reps each set)

» Seated Incline DB curls (8-10 reps each set)

» Hammer curls (8-10 reps each set)

» Zottmann curls (8-10 reps each set)

» Iso-hold DB curls (8-10 reps each set)

» DB triceps extensions (10-15 reps each set)

» Triceps pushdowns (15-25 reps each set)


E. Grip / Forearms – choose one of the following exercises:

» Wrist roller (2-3 sets of 2-3 reps)

» Thick bar or heavy DB holds (2-3 sets of max time)

» Plate pinch gripping (2-3 sets of 2-3 reps)

» Captains of Crush gripper (3 sets of max reps each


» Rice digs (3 timed sets)

*DON’T train your grip/forearms if you’re planning on

deadlifting the next day




Max-Effort Lower Body

A. MAX-EFFORT LIFT – work up to a max set of 3-5 reps

in one of the following exercises:

» Box squats (regular bar, safety squat bar, cambered bar,

buffalo bar)

» Free squats (regular bar, safety squat bar, cambered

bar, buffalo bar)

» Straight bar deadlifts (traditional style, sumo style)

» Trap Bar deadlifts

» Rack pulls (partial deadlifts)

» Tire flip – (remember, your max-effort lifts don’t necessarily have to be limited to just barbell exercises!)

*Bands and/or chains can be incorporated into all of the

above exercises for the not-so-skinny bastards.


B. UNILATERAL MOVEMENT – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of 6-12 reps:

» Bulgarian split squat variation (holding DB’s or with a


» Reverse lunge variation

» Step-up variation

» Walking lunges

» Backward sled drags (3 sets of 30 yards)

» Forward sled drags, 45-degree angle (3 sets of 30




choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets

of 8-12 reps:

» 45-degree hyperextensions

» Reverse hyperextensions

» Pull-throughs

» Swiss ball back bridge + leg curl

» Glute-ham raises

» Romanian deadlifts


Forward sled dragging (upright posture)


D. Ground-based, high-rep abdominal circuit – Example: sprinter sit-ups, V-ups, toe touches, hip thrusts.

Perform 10-20 reps of each exercise and go through the

circuit 2-3 times. Rest 1-2 minutes between circuits.

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You've been so active on the forum lately, its really great to see so much sharing of info going on here. I'm diggin it. Also you posted some really good food pics! Yum, and now im hungry.




HA, I'm an insane food porn addiction!

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A little stormy today.


Just a little follow up post on the cut I posted earlier. I should have started that Monday but I was little behind on my studies and I only have 3 weeks before I leave for Arizona, SOoo I took Monday & Tuesday off training to catch on my studies. I will def start Wednesday. This way I can get that out of the way and really focus on the cut for the whole three weeks. This cut will very important to me, because I have a week of travel, followed by a duathlons scheduled for the next two weekends after I return. So this will the last three weeks I have to really push my diet and training, un-distracted before these two races.

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Great storm photo !!!


Have fun with the duathlons, what are the distances of them? I always liked racing them, the simplicity of their nature and structure appealed to me and the fact I didn't have to worry about getting kicked in the face in the swim.


Whereabouts in Arizona are you headed to?




They are short races, the first one is 3 mile run 18 mile bike 3 mile run and the second one is a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike and 2 mile run. I am not anywhere near being ready to seriously compete yet, but I want to get back in the game and get the feel for races again. So I choose to start small and with easy lay outs. Both are relatively flat ground. I'm going to use both races as sort of a training day. Testing the waters so to speak, because I'm not really that prepared. I've been very focused on running and I haven't really done very many bricks and those distances I don't anticipate a problem. I will be adding in some bricks over the next few weeks though.


The best part is they are both female only races and very social races. Both have basically bubbly bars and food afterward. So lots of socializing! It's the perfect place to meet women! LOL, I haven't had a date in while.


{I'll post race details & pics when the time comes.}


Tuscon! I'm thrilled for the opportunity to go train in Arizona for a while!

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I did actually manage a half ass workout today, and I started my cut! Will post it all up tomorrow.




I made almond spiced tofu ice cream with a low sugar caramel like sauce and pan fried peaches. It was fucking radical. I don't why tofu gets such a bad rep? I love the stuff! This recipe actually makes two servings of ice cream but I ate both and even with that, the fried peaches & sauce it still only came up to 236 calories and 12 grams of protein! Not bad for a yummy sweet dessert!



6 oz of silken or soft tofu

1/4 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk

1 teaspoon almond extract

sweeten with stevia to your own taste

1/2 to 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spices


Blend till creamy and run through a single serve ice cream maker.


1 peach sliced


Pan fry till they start to brown just a few minutes. I sprayed my pan with a little grapeseed oil. You can any pan release or spray type stuff. If you don't mind the extra calories coconut oil or spread works great. After they have browned a little add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water and just let that boil down till there's like just a few about maybe 2 tablespoons or so left in the pan and then toss in about 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, a little more is you want more sauce. With the fruit juices in the pan it cooks down fast and almost immediately turns to a thick sauce. So be prepared. And don't worry about not having enough water or to much water or anything like that. If you need more water add it if you have to much just cook a bit longer it's easy and idiot proof.


Once it's all done serve it up.


You could sweeten this with agave if you choose, it'll actually probably be better then the stevia. I just choose to limit the sugar where I could.


I have never tried to freeze tofu ice cream so I have no idea what happens to it.

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Not nearly as romantic as I would have liked! Oh jeeze this will not be a good week! I came into this run with two days off . I had hoped that during that time my heel would have healed. Not so, if you saw back a few days ago it looked bruised? Two days before that I had been stung by something on the trails mountain biking. As the bruised healed in transitioned to more of bullseye mark and now it's very painful. It's feels like there is something in inside it. I suffered through the run, then went to the doc who sorta dug around in it to see if maybe a stinger or something was indeed inside my foot. Nothing and now it hurts even more. I'm soaking it warm water and epsom salt. Don't know what else I can about it, except wait.




Today's very humbling run..


DISTANCE 3.00 mi

DURATION 39m:48s

AVG. SPEED 13:16 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 11:32 min/mi

CALORIES 332 kcal




WEATHER Mostly cloudy night

WIND 4.3 mph ↖



Aside from the heel pain, which if I didn't mention actually stings and hurts like hell. I also just felt off. I just didn't feel connected with my muscles. Nothing felt in sync.




Iso Strengthening for the lower back.


2x20 on all exercises


Hip flexors (quads, floor work)

Hamstring (lifts, floor work)

Hip abductors

Hip adductors

Glute leg lifts

Hip external rotators (with therabands)

Hip internal rotators (with therabands)


Core Strengthening


Spinal rotations

Russian twists

Core Stabilizers

Rolling knee kegels

Reverse crunches

Leg raises

Unstable bridges



1 zantrax prerun

1 multi

extra vit K

Sleep 6:52 hours @ 80% efficiency


Total Training Time 1:30 hour




Fasted Blood sugar 89

Blood pressure 115/85

Rested Heart Rate 51 (little high)

Cardiac Stress 2% (very good)



Prerun 8 oz

Post run 16 oz

Calorie Totals:


Burned 2381 ( a few hundred short of my daily goal)

Consumed 1132 (also short of my daily goal)

Deficit 1249 (also short of my daily goal)

Fat 49

Carbs 118

Protein 48 (yes short of my daily goal)

Breakfast: post run


Herbal coffee w/ soy creamer ~ 1 scoop vegan protein powder w/ 1 cup vanilla almond milk unsweetened


Lunch: http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/20130918121523505_zps770175fb.jpg


Tofu with an indian vindaloo sauce, spinach, noodles, onions, peppers, carrots, zucchini


Snacks: http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/20130918142039625_zps71c84df5.jpg


Tofu ice cream and fried peaches




dark chocolate and sea salt almond bar (maybe not the best dinner)

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Amazing Vegan fudge.


So easy 3/4 cup of coconut butter melted down in a double boiler with 1 tsp of vanilla, 2 ounces of cocoa, and agave or stevia to taste. About 1/4 of cup. I poured the melted mixture into 2 oz plastic souffle cups with lids. The refrigerator about 4 hours. It pops easily out of the cups.


If you don't have a double boiler.. like me I don;t have one. I just took a big glass bowl and set in a pot. LOL I'm not sure how safe that is though.


This is what's amazing about this. My coach actually recommended this recipe to me to eat before I run. I get stomach aches really easy. I tend to get them running so I run fasted a lot. I'm working on figuring out what I can eat before and during runs that want aggravate my stomach. So my coach suggested coconut butter! OK honestly I thought he was crazy. I'm still not sure this will work because I don't have my first long run this week till tomorrow. So we will see.


Any way he suggested I eat 1/2 cup of coconut butter the first day and then 1/4 cup every morning before I run. So I did that yesterday, and then agin this morning and I have to admit that my stomach feels much better today. Which is shocking because I've had a nagging stomach for more then a year now! Ofcoarse it's only been one day so I'll see it last. Then I need to go do some research and see why coconut butter might be help my stomach ache. LOL cause I have no idea.


The real test will be tomorrow when I have to do a long run.

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Wow, the moon is so bright this morning! It looked amazing.


Another humbling run. My heel is just extremely painful today. It’s uhm.. ugly, puffy and swelling up like it’s getting infected. I suspect it’s just my body trying to get ride of whatever is in it. It feels like something is under the skin. Any pressure on it makes it sting and burn. I can feel something in it. I’ll keep soaking it


DISTANCE 4.16 mi

DURATION 55m:13s

AVG. SPEED 13:17 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 10:02 min/mi

CALORIES 484 kcal




WEATHER Clear night

WIND 6.8 mph ↑



DE & RE Upper body work sets reps weights


Plyo push ups 4×12

Pull ups 4x 12

Scarecrows 4×12 @ 15 & 15

Super set of front & side lateral DB raises 3×8 @ 15 & 15 for both

Super set of hammer curls & kickbacks 3×8 @ 20 & 20 for both

Shrugs 4×15 @ 45 & 45

Rice Digs ….



1 zantrax prerun

1 multi

extra vit K


I didn’t get all my stats today, I didn’t track my cals ect.. I will share my lunch with you though!



I just made this up so call it whatever you want. I called it a bowl of soup.


I made it with 1 1/2 cup veggie broth, some mushrooms, garlic, red peppers, spinach, coconut seasoning sauce and Shirataki noodles. Basically lightly boil a few a minutes and that’s about it. Just long enough to cook the veggies some.


In case you don’t know coconut seasoning sauce is like a vegan version of soy sauce.It’s one of my favorite vegan products because it gives that Asian flavor to foods that soy sauce does. Only it’s a lot lower in sodium then soy sauce so it’s a great option for those on low sodium diets. It’s also gluten free and a good source of liquid aminos.http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/103244_zps5947cdfb.jpg


Also Shirataki noodles is another favorite of mine. They are vegan, gluten free and calorie free! Yes calorie free! They are made out of yam flour, they aren’t genetically engendered and they don’t have any preservatives. Mostly they are just water and glucomanna and a water-soluble dietary fiber. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/shirataki-noodles_zps8ad7a222.jpg




I also tried making fresh veggie rolls like I get at the Thai restaurant , but it didn’t look so pretty so I’ll have to practice those.


Mine which looks like I stuffed my salad in a condom.. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130920_073443_zpsf1af978c.jpg


..and the Thai restaurants which looks insanely sexy for food. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130908_142302_zpsd65c2e42.jpg


I’ll keep working on these.

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Damn you and your food haha. Looks stunning.


We had an amazingly bright full moon here in New Zealand as well, plus a pretty amazing lightning storm last night !!! Enjoy your weekend and go easy on that heel, sounds a bit nasty MF.


Yeah the heels a little fucked up. By the way it looks today I think it was actually a spider bite. We have high population of brown recluse spiders here. The area I mountain bike in a thriving wilderness spot. It's packed with deer, turkey's and along with those come a high amount of ticks and spiders.


For for a spider bite the presentation was a bit strange, but in my training group we've had among us 4 of 5 of these types of spider bites and each one has presented differently. I assume the amount of venom injected may be partially responsible for that.


I don't think I was subjected to a large amount of venom. I say that because the only stage I didn't go through was the blistering before the skin started to ulcerate. Somebody people move through the stages fast and other move through them more slowly.


These are the stages..


When you are bitten by this type of spider there are three stages that a person can go through.


Stage 1

As mentioned there is just a stinging sensation but no pain but after approximately six hours the enzymes like Sphingomyelinase D, start to damage the tissues in your body. This starts to trigger immune responses from your immune system to separate the venom. By the time you are in this stage you are starting to feel intense pain along with itching. You may also experience:



In some cases, the formulation of pustules


Stage 2

At this stage the spider bite progresses to involve the destruction of your red blood cells, causing the supply of oxygen to your skin where the bite occurred to stop. When your skin is denied the oxygen it needs your skin begins to turn gray and in the middle of this area of grey skin there is a small red-colored spot. This spot is caused by the bite of the spider and around that skin area there may be a halo that is light red in color.


Stage 3

At this stage, if the venom has reached your bloodstream through the capillaries, it could start to affect your whole body. This condition is called systemic loxoscelism. You can identify this stage by the gray skin of stage 2 along with these other symptoms.






You may also have a rash with small dots that are red-colored on areas of your body that did not have a bite. This condition is referred to as morbilliform rash. When your body has this condition it signals that the venom the brown recluse spider injected into your body with a bite is not circulating in your whole bloodstream. If it has entered your blood stream it can lead to kidney failure, seizures, and even a coma so it is imperative that at this stage you seek immediate treatment.




I had this stinging & burning sensation the first day, but there really wasn't anything to it. It just looked like a bug bite ir maybe I picked up a sticker. Then I got the next morning and it looked liked a huge bruise only it burned instead of feeling like a bruise. Then the next day or maybe 2 days later it turned to a bulls eye like mark. Which actually I though it was going away so I didn't take a pic of that stage. Then the redness started fading but it still stung. Then last night I woke in intense pain. Like strong muscle cramps, nauseated and these odd stabbing like pains. Starting late last night and this morning the skin completely began to dissolve, ulcerate.


No worries though I'm doing better this morning, I went and showed the doc and took my notes and he gave me antibiotics and creams to help.


This is what looks now.. and despite how it looks it's hurting less. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Injuries/20130921104912753_zps697f2dd1.jpg


It hurts to remove and was the dying tissue but it's a good idea to keep that washed away. I've been bitten by one before so I know the drill.



And I'm sharing all of this because if you mountain bike, hike or run in an area that has ticks, venomous spider of other bugs. It is important to get notes, pics and time lines on anything some bites, or anything you are uncertain about. This info can help doctors at a later date. It can also help you learn what to do in the future when it happens again.


For tick bites it's a good idea if you can to actually save the tick for a while. This is simple, remove the tick by gripping (not with your hands if you can avoid this) close to the skin as possible, you want to grasp his head not his body and pull it away from you without twisting. Then drop the tick in a plastic bag with like a damp cotton ball or something like that.


Most ticks don't carry diseases but the ones that do can be nasty. Saving the tick means the tick can be tested if you start to have any symptoms.


On long hikes, or rides when I don't have tweezers available I use a piece of dental floss looped around the ticks head to pull them off. Anything to avoid to squeezing them.

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Damn i got something like that too not so much time ago! I had it walking barefoot on a rocky reef in Spain at Fuerteventura, a surftrip had in may (i know i deserved it )!

Get well soon! Oh... and nice rools xD!



LOL I get bit by something that makes me sick at least once a year. My Monday it will just be another story.



I love Spain! It is one of my favorite places in the world. Unfortunately surfing is one of the few sports I've yet have the opportunity to learn. I would love to one day though.

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Running – long and slow


DISTANCE 8.51 mi

DURATION 1h:43m:09s

AVG. SPEED 11:16 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 9:31 min/mi

CALORIES 938 kcal




WEATHER Clear night

WIND 8.7 mph ↓




Notes: Heel didn’t hurt to bad. Very tight muscles, my back tightened so much post run I was afraid to do any stretches, so I warmed the muscles in a hot shower, then stretched in the shower.




ME Upper body *sets x reps @ weights*


DB Snatches 3×3 on each weight, each side 20 – 22.5 – 25 – 30 -35 -40 – 45

DB snatch & Hold over head 1×3 @ each side 25 – 30 -35 -40 -45

DB snatch & repeat presses snatch once, press 5 x’s 1×5 @ 20 – 25 – 30 -40

Decline cable press 3×10 @ 50 - 65 -80 1×8 @ 95

Under hand cable press 2×10 @ 35 -50 1×8 @ 65 1×6 @ 80

Cable rows supersetted w/ 3×10 @ #20 (not weight)

face pulls 3×10 @ #20 (not weight)

Shrugs 3×10 @ 55 – 55

Plate grip holds 45′s








1 zantrax prerun

1 multi

extra vit K

Sleep 6:42 hours @ 87% efficiency


Fasted Blood sugar 92 Post run but still fasted blood sugar 102

Blood pressure 115/75

Rested Heart Rate 46

Cardiac Stress level 2% (that’s very good it’s means I’m not stressed.)

Post run keytones test 40 moderate

UA ~ nothing notable everything was in normal ranges

Hydration was low post run, but good other wise

Hydration: This only accounts for water & smart water.


Prerun 6 oz

In run zero, which is why my hydration was low post run

Post run 16 oz

Total for the day 64 oz

So restarting cut today and I will go ahead and carry this into my vacation week. Not what I originally planned for sure, but since my “vacation” is going to be filled with training I see no reason not to. Starting weight will be 160. I hope to drop to 150 in the next 3 weeks.


Calorie Totals:


Burned 3052

Consumed 965 *This was not on purpose. It was just an extremely busy day.

Deficit 2087

Fat 34 30%

Protein 51 20%

Carbs 129 50%

Prerun: Herbal coffee & soy creamer


Post run: Protein Bar


Post Lifting: Zucchini Parmesan Vegan (zucchini slices, mushrooms, tofu crumbles, vegan spaghetti sauce, vegan Parmesan cheese baked for 20 minutes at 425 covered.)


Snacks: Gluten free vegan brownie


Dinner: Rice noodles w/ sauce & parm.

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My first speed run this week and it looks like the one good thing about the spider bite and down time was that I had a few days rest. Which seams to be a good thing! I had a small pr today. It was only by like 63 seconds but any improvement in speed is good at this point. I'm particularly happy about it because while today should have been a tempo run I held back because my back was tweeked a bit. It's been sore the last day or two and so I didn't push the pace to hard, I held back. So setting a pr when I know I held back is def a good sign.






DISTANCE 5.58 mi

DURATION 1h:05m:04s

AVG. SPEED 10:39 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 9:18 min/mi

CALORIES 668 kcal





Heart rate zone Duration

1.WARM UP (114 - 126) 1m:07s

2.FAT BURNING(127 - 139) 7m:22s

3.AEROBIC (140 - 151) 5m:11s

4.ANAEROBIC (152 - 164) 44m:35s

5.MAXIMUM (165 - 178) 6m:03s


WEATHER Clear night

WIND 3.1 mph ↑






Back Rehab/Prehab


*I had some lower back cramping after my run today so all I did today was lower back stretches and some release exercises.


Recovery work:


*By late in the afternoon I was very sore, lower back, legs and a lot of stiffness. More then likely because I had to do a lot sitting through out the day. Studying and a long drive. So I did about a light 40 minute walk to ease that off some.


Later I soaked in hot water, lavender & epsom salts.








1 zantrax prerun

1 multi

extra vit K

Sleep 6:32 hours @ 91% efficiency *I have serious sleep deficiency building.


Fasted Blood sugar 92 Post run but still fasted blood sugar 89

Blood pressure 115/75

Rested Heart Rate 44

Cardiac Stress level 2% (that’s very good it’s means I’m not stressed.)

Post run keytones test 40 moderate

UA ~ nothing notable everything was in normal ranges

Hydration was good today

Hydration: This only accounts for water & smart water.


Prerun 8 oz

In run zero

Post run 16 oz

Total for the day 72 oz

Calorie Totals:


Burned 2737

Consumed 1353


Fat 49

Protein 86

Carbs 157



Prerun: Herbal coffee & soy creamer


Post Run Breakfast: Protein shake w/ plant fusion protein, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 serving tofu and 1/2 cup frozen fruit. Blended.




Lunch: Veggie salad w/ lettuce, spinach, onions, banana peppers, olives, with tofu crumbles, almond cheese and taco sauce.


Snack: coconut butter, coco & agave


Dinner: Vegan pizza w/ spinach & artichokes.

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Run – Bike – Run


DISTANCE 2.10 mi

CYCLING 45 mins spin time

DISTANCE 2.10 mi

NO transition time I set my bike up outside.

DURATION 1:31:34

Run AVG. SPEED 11:38 min/mi

Run MAX. SPEED 8:53 min/mi



WEATHER Clear morning

WIND 0.0 mph ↓



Notes: I’ve had very little time to train bricks, and I’m having some muscle tightness & back pain this week so I didn’t push the pace on this very hard. I’m just trying to work in a few workouts before the duathlon in which I can adapt to the feel of running, riding and then running again.


My day to day training is in no way optimal for duathlon racing. The races I have scheduled for now are just a way to get me adapted to the race scene. I’m still just trying to work my way back to any semblance of normal and optimal training for me. It’s not easy I still have a long way to go from the back injury and regaining the right mentality.




DE Lower Body


Box Jumps at 3 different heights 3×10 on each box

Bulgarian split squats 3×10 BW only

Sled drags 3×25 yards light weight

Prisoner abs 2×25 heavy






1 zantrax prerun

1 multi

extra vit K

Sleep 6:43 hours @ 88 % efficiency


Fasted Blood sugar 89

Blood pressure 115/75

Rested Heart Rate 46

Cardiac Stress level 2%

UA ~ nothing notable everything was in normal ranges

Hydration was good today

Calorie Totals:


Burned 2308

Consumed 3407

Deficit 1099

Fat 141

Protein 77

Carbs 482


*This is how not to do a cut!!! LOL what can I say, long story. Damn enjoyable night though. I have had more derailments in this little cut then any other cut I think I have ever attempted!



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I'm a little behind on workout posts, but will catch it it soon. To much time eating not enough time to post I guess.

Naah! We like food porn xD.

Just kidding, I'm really curious to hear news from the arizona cut program. Your schedule looks really tough! Good job! And good luck!

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I'm a little behind on workout posts, but will catch it it soon. To much time eating not enough time to post I guess.

Naah! We like food porn xD.

Just kidding, I'm really curious to hear news from the arizona cut program. Your schedule looks really tough! Good job! And good luck!



The cut is not going well! First I get sick and that derails my training. Then I fall behind on studies and that's derailing my diet. It's not going well. LOL

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Nice website you have, was having a good look over it this morning! Have a great weekend, do you have much planned?


Thanks, it's nice to have a well organized and visually appealing training journal. It helps me control the chaos in my head. Lol


Oh ... yeah I'm gonna try and make the puzzle pieces fit. WHich basically means I'm trying my first back to back endurance days. I have 10 to 15 mile runs followed by 20 to 40 miles of trail riding and ropes training both days. It's suppose to pretty rough weather tomorrow to, so it should be interesting. I'm gonna hold out as long as my back allows on both days. Then Monday I have two mile stress (run) test. Testing my limits a little.

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OK I'm a bit behind on workout posts.. I know I'm behind two at least. I'm just gonna do a quick run down and then pick things back up with today later on.


I know I'm missing a 5 mile run followed by RE upper body work out & back rehab workout. Then ...


Yesterday I did a 11 mile run in roughly 2 hours. Cycling was cancelled because weather was just to bad. I can deal with rain but this was pouring rain, really cold to and very windy. We were only excepting one day of bad weather so it didn't seam worth the trouble. LOL, the last thing I need right now is pneumonia to derail me another 2 weeks. I'm having a hard enough time getting this cut start!


So that's good enough to catch everyone up. I will go back to posting detailed days tomorrow.


today is going really good so far...

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Aside from training today I mostly slept! LOL and I bought a cd of Sepulture. Roots one of their best albums IMO. A couple of bucks at Vintage Stocks. Ha I wonder if they are considered vintage now? It’s like late 90″s Brazilian heavy metal. The album has a cool indigenous sound. Great training music!




Fasted Blood sugar 105

Fasted Post run blood sugar 99

Blood pressure 115/75

Rested Heart Rate 44

Weight 160

Hydration Good

Keytones Negative

UA All normal, nothing notable

Notes: For an endurance run this really isn’t want I want to see right now. The keytones being negative and un-notable ua basically means I should have pushed harder. It means I wasn’t burning fat. I had plenty of stores for the intensity of this run.




Calories Burned 3352

Calories Consumed 1414

Calorie Deficit 1938

Fat 43

Carbs 99

Protein 52

Alcohol 0



Pre run 8 oz

In run half way 8 oz

Post 16 oz

Total for the day 104 oz



1 zantrax prerun

1 multi

extra vit K

Sleep 6:15 hours @ 86 % efficiency


Total Training Time 3. 56 hours I could sleep anywhere after that to!



Today’s Goal: Endurance Base Building


Moods: Good, energetic


Cycle: W 1 D 7


Running ~ Endurance Base Building


DISTANCE 10.01 mi

DURATION 2h:11m:18s

AVG. SPEED 12:07 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 10:05 min/mi

CALORIES 1208 kcal




Heart rate zone Duration

1.WARM UP (114 – 126) 0m:22s

2.FAT BURNING (127 – 139) 11m:38s

3.AEROBIC (140 – 151) 1h:38m:39s

4. ANAEROBIC (152 – 164) 19m:49s

WEATHER Clear night

WIND 0.0 mph ↓



Recovery practices: Post Run – Sports massage, rub down with pink liniment. *Pink liniment is a mixture of alcohol & Epsom salts. Penetrating heat rub for pain, soreness, stiffness.. ect.


Cycling 1.45 hours not tracked. I haven’t been seriously training my cycling so my computers need to be serviced. Getting that done now so I will have stats on that starting later this week.


*Cycling went good, after about an hour and half though I started getting back pain. Intensity was low but that’s ok.




Notes: Over all good day, no complaints. I felt good, but I also felt slow. I did get a minor headache about an hour after running, this is pretty normal for me. It’s an exertion headache. I took 1 advil and it was fine.


Cut Cycle: W 1 D1


Pre-run ~ Coffee & soy creamer


In run ~ 2 prunes (easing into eating while running, no stomach issues related to this)


Post Run ~ 1 scoop of Plant Fusion protein powder, 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)


Lunch ~ Thia with tofu, veggies & brown rice. Green beans (spicy) and steamed edamame.


Dinner ~ Vegan pizza & some crackers. *LOL, I get lazy by dinner time. I really need to start planning dinner ahead of time or making a protein shake.



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