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Ravingrunner ~ Training and Diet Journal


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DISTANCE 2.07 mi

DURATION 28m:46s

AVG. SPEED 13:55 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 11:31 min/mi

CALORIES 241 kcal





WIND 9.9 mph ↓






DISTANCE 7.76 mi

DURATION 3h:20m:01s

AVG. SPEED 2.3 mph

MAX. SPEED 4.8 mph

CALORIES 929 kcal





WIND 6.8 mph ↙



Walking: Because it takes to much time to drive to the hiking trail on multi hike days. So I settle for walking.


DISTANCE 4.47 mi

DURATION 1h:38m:53s

AVG. SPEED 2.7 mph

MAX. SPEED 12.2 mph

CALORIES 585 kcal


WEATHER Mostly sunny

WIND 12.4 mph ←





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Well honestly running was a bit of fail today. I’m so tight, it’s almost impossible to change paces mid run. Which of coarse makes the intervals impossible. The blocks on the left are my recovery periods and the red should have been done at 80% of max heart rate. As you can see that didn’t work out.






My current focus:


Nutrition Plan:

Calorie deficit cycling 500 to 1,500 calorie deficient a day.

My calories breakdown targets are 70% carbs 10% fat 20% protein and 50 g’s of fiber.

To be timed around training.

Training Goals:

For running the focus is speed. Increasing paces.

For hiking it’s to increase endurance.

For strength training it’s to continue improving back strength and pelvic stability.




Calories Burned 3524

Calories Consumed 1320

Calorie Balance negative – 2205



Sleep 6:45 ( 84% efficiency )

Resting heart rate 57

Blood pressure 115/ 75 pulse 62

Fasted Blood sugar 101







Monday Nutrition Calories – Carbs – Fat – protein – sodium – fiber


Meal 1 / 5 am -7 am


Coffee, soy creamer, fiber 42 9 0 0 5 6

Meal 2 / 8 am -10 am


Protein shake, (vegan)Almond milk, green appleFruit (in hike) 340 58 5 25 562 15


Meal 3 / 11 am – 1 pm




Meal 4 / 2 pm – 4 pm


Fried rice, tofu, lots of veggies 573 90 14 23 1,020 10

meal 5 / 5 pm – 7 pm


Flat bread pizza lots of veggies, almond cheese 365 24 15 42 543 8

Notes: Not a bad day but I under ate. Mostly because I was tired post hike.



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I had a relaxed recovery day planned..


Run: Recovery


DISTANCE 2.03 mi

DURATION 30m:00s

AVG. SPEED 14:45 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 12:30 min/mi

CALORIES 243 kcal




WEATHER Mostly sunny

WIND 18.0 mph ↑






Hiking: Well I had an easy hike planned and then like a mile into my hike I ran into a massive swarm of angry bees! OMG, That is never a good start to a hike! Seriously if you get nervous or panick at the sight of bee swarms DO NOT STOP and take pics! I wasn’t afraid of them so I knew if I didn’t get to close I was ok. Bees will know if your afraid.




I was feeling a bit dead already so I kinda of thought FUCKKK this.. I turned my ass around and hike right back out! Found myself a breakfast and beer and chilled the rest of the morning!.




There’s really not much you can do to protect your self from a massive swarm of angry bees. So I suggest if you run into them run the fuck away! Quietly .. but get away from them! If they attack all you can do is cover your face with a shirt and run. Don’t jump into water! They will wait till you come up for air and then attack!. Don’t scream or swat at them! Just run away.



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I have a teenage son who has all year seasonal allergies and lately he's been very sick. He's on the verge of being hospitalized if he doesn't get better soon. His health has been deteriorating for almost a year now. Right now he has a sever infection in his sinus, ears, throat and lungs. We already knew he had severe seasonal allergies but we started doing allergies testing because he was sick all the time despite medical treatment for his allergies. We learned just yesterday that he's also allergic to wheat, corn and peanuts!


So we have a lot of dietary changes to make in our house! Corn and wheat/gluten it's in damn near everything! So this will definitely be challenging!


(EDIT IN-) So apparently I have the same food allergies just on a much smaller scale. I got tested after him because we have some of the same symptoms, like we both suffer stomach problems things like that. His are severe though where mine are mostly annoying. I had like a class one and his were a class 3 to 5.

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I took the last three days off because my son is sick and I wanted to be around. He developed an infection in his ears, throat, sinuses and lungs probably as a result of the chronic allergy problems he's been having. Hopefully identifying the food allergies and eliminating those are going to help. He's been wheat, corn and peanut free for a few days now and we've already seen a some improvement.


I finally went for a run yesterday but that's all I did. Since he is improving I will start easing back into training over the next few days.




my instatracking..

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I forgot a day.. LOL this is from the 22..




Running : vo2w1w1


DISTANCE 3.61 mi

DURATION 45m:58s

AVG. SPEED 12:43 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 9:01 min/mi

CALORIES 446 kcal




WEATHER Mostly clear night

WIND 8.1 mph ↑






DISTANCE 5.17 mi

DURATION 2h:12m:09s

AVG. SPEED 2.3 mph

MAX. SPEED 3.7 mph

CALORIES 774 kcal





WIND 11.2 mph ↑





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Current focus:


Nutrition Plan: Also going corn, wheat, gluten and peanut free.

Calorie deficit cycling 500 to 1,500 calorie deficient a day.

My calories breakdown targets are 70% carbs 10% fat 20% protein and 50 g’s of fiber.

To be timed around training.


Training Goals:

For running the focus is speed. Increasing paces.

For hiking it’s to increase endurance.

For strength training it’s to continue improving back strength and pelvic stability.



Resting heart rate 49

Cardiac Stress Test 8%

Blood pressure 109/70 pulse 88

Fasted Blood sugar 96




AC Run:


DISTANCE 2.95 mi

DURATION 35m:59s

AVG. SPEED 12:13 min/mi

MAX. SPEED 8:28 min/mi

CALORIES 391 kcal


My intervals:




Heart rate zone Duration

1.WARM UP (114 – 126) 0m:21s

2.FAT BURNING (127 – 139) 1m:09s

3.AEROBIC (140 – 151) 4m:02s

4.ANAEROBIC (152 – 164) 11m:50s

5.MAXIMUM (165 – 178) 18m:17s


WIND 4.3 mph ↘



Weightlifting: Leg day.. a little short as I’m still having knee problems and I haven’t lifted in a few weeks.


Single Leg squats 4×5 ES @ 20-30-40-50 2×3 ES @ 60-70-80

Leg Press 5×10 @ 140-160-180-200-220

Single leg ext. 3×10 ES @ 20

Rowing: This is my first time rowing since my back injury so it’s been a while…


DURATION 30m:27s

CALORIES 247 kcal








Nutrition – Corn, wheat, gluten and peanut free to the best of knowledge! Vegan.


Breakfast 5 – 7 Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber


So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamer – Coffee Creamer, 3 Tbsp 30 3 0 0 0 0

- Clear Fiber, 2 TSP 10 6 0 0 0 6

Coffee – Brewed from grounds, 1 cup (8 fl oz) 2 0 0 0 5 0

Sunsweet – Prune Ones, 2 prunes 50 13 0 1 0 2

Plant Fusion Protein Powder – Unflavored, 30 g 120 3 2 22 390 0

So Delicious – Unsweetened Cocunut Milk, 1 cup 45 2 0 0 15 1

- Frozen Strawberries , 0.5 Cup 25 6 0 1 0 2

Dasani – Purified Drinking Water, 25.35 oz


AM Snack 8 – 10


Glaceau – Smart Water (23.7 Fl oz), 1 container (24 fl oz ea.) 0 0 0 0 0 0

Stonyfield – Osoy Organic Soy Yogurt Peach, 4 oz 100 15 2 5 25 1


Lunch 11-1 Estimate only


Applebees – Strawberry Avacado Salad, (without their dressing. 360 29 20 18 765 9


PM Snack 2-4


Mom’s Best Naturals – Crispy Cocoa Rice Cereal (Corrected), 3/4 cup 120 26 1 1 150 0

So Delicious – Unsweetened Cocunut Milk, 1 cup 45 2 0 0 15 1


Dinner 5-7


Dole – Bananas, 1 banana 100 27 0 1 1 3

Glaceau – Smart Water (23.7 Fl oz), 1 container (24 fl oz ea.) 0 0 0 0 0 0

Sprouts – Extra Firm Tofu, 1/2 block (85 grams) 180 2 10 20 40 2

Broccoli an red peppers 60 12 0 3 60 6

Kung Pao Sauce, 2 Tbsp homemade 25 6 0 0 640 0


Late Snack 7-9

Outshine – Strawberry Popsicle, 1 Popsicle 70 17 0 0 0 1


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Current focus:


Nutrition Plan: Also going corn, wheat, gluten and peanut free.

Calorie deficit cycling 500 to 1,500 calorie deficient a day for weight loss.

My calorie breakdown target is 70% carbs 10% fat 20% protein and 50 g’s of fiber.

To be timed around training.


Training Goals:

For running the focus is speed. Increasing paces.

For hiking it’s to increase endurance.

For strength training it’s to continue improving back strength and pelvic stability.






Notes: Recovery my ass.. That was the hardest run Ive ever done at such a slow pace! Yesterday was my first leg training day in several weeks and my rowing session in over a year and I ran intervals yesterday. So today I have jello legs that feel like someone attached electric shock therapy to.




Rowing Notes: Lifting post rowing 3×10 exercise to compliment the rowing.


Weightlifting: Upper body -


Iso Vertical Bench - 3×10 @ 35-50-35

Iso Shoulder Press – 3×10 @ 40-60-40

Decline Bench – 3×10 @ 40-60-40

Overhead press – 3×10 @ 35

Face Pulls – 3×10 @ #20




Some of my apps glitched yesterday and they didn’t sync correctly. That why’s there is a band aid over the numbers. lol


Totals 1,170 182 20 61 1,367 30

Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber



Nutrition – Vegan, corn, wheat,gluten & peanut free to the best of my knowledge.


Breakfast 5 – 7 Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber


So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamer – Coffee Creamer, 3 Tbsp 30 3 0 0 0 0

Fiber Smart – Clear Fiber, 2 TSP 10 6 0 0 0 6

Coffee – Brewed from grounds, 1 cup (8 fl oz) 2 0 0 0 5 0

Dasani – Purified Drinking Water, 25.35 oz 0 0 0 0 0 0


AM Snack 8 – 10


Frozen Strawberries , 0.5 Cup 25 6 0 1 0 2

So Delicious – Unsweetened Cocunut Milk, 1 cup 45 2 0 0 15 1

Plant Fusion Protein Powder – Unflavored, 30 g 120 3 2 22 390 0

Sunsweet – Individual Prunes, 3 prunes 40g 50 13 0 1 0 2

Glaceau – Smart Water (23.7 Fl oz), 1 container (24 fl oz ea.) 0 0 0 0 0 0

Lunch 11-1

Stonyfield – Organic Greek Yogurt Plain, 1 Cup 80 6 0 15 60 0

- Water, 16 oz. 0 0 0 0 0 0

, 1 medium banana 105 27 0 1 1 3


PM Snack 2-4


Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips – 40% Less Fat Aged White Cheddar and Sour Cream, 1 oz – 18 chips (These aren’t vegan but I didn’t realize till after I ate them.) 140 18 6 3 150 1

Cabbage Soup – Soup, 1 cups 73 10 1 2 241 3

Popsicle – Sugar Free Tropicals, 1 piece 15 4 0 0 0 0


Dinner 5-7


Vegan - Sour Cream 2 Tbsp (30g) 40 2 3 2 25 0

Steamed Brown Rice , 5.5 oz. w. cajun seasoning & herbs 170 37 2 4 0 3

Green Onion Raw (Whole), 1 medium (15 g) 5 1 0 0 2 0

- Yellow Onion Diced, 1/4 Cup 17 4 0 0 1 1

Red Bell Pepper, 0.25 large 13 2 0 0 2 1

Best Choice – Black Beans, (rinsed) , 1/2 cup 110 23 0 8 430 7

Coconut milk- Vanilla Ice Cream (1.5qt), 1/2 cup (65g) 120 15 6 2 45 0

Glaceau – Smart Water 1 container (24 fl oz ea.



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Notes: Ran in the rain today. Id like to blame the rain for my slow pace but unfortunately I think its just me. My pace just seams to gets slower. My legs always feel over trained and under recovered. Yet Im in less pain and my muscle seam to be functioning better, not as tight so I think despite the slow pace that Im still healing and making progress.







This didn't go well. My back spazed out and I had to quit.

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Notes: Fuck.. this week is just not going well. Im not recovering. And this was actually three miles because again I got half mile in and had turn back.. and I restarted the app. My damn hair clip broke and I have way to much hair to run with it down. I swear I consider cutting it off at least once a week.


As if my week wasn’t aggravating enough I passed a couple girls running and one of them told one of the other girls. “..she use to be a great runner. IF that’s the best she can do now she should just quit..” I want to punch her in the face but damn it she runs faster then me!!


I see no reason to quit.



Weight Lifting: DB Snatches


Vertical Press 3×20 @ 35

Wide Flyes 3×20 @ 35 – 50 -35

DB Snatches 2×5 on ES @ 12 – 15 – 17 – 20 – 25 – 30

1×5 @ 30 w/ an over head hold

2×5 on ES @ 25 – 20 – 17 – 15 -12

Front DB Raises 3×10 @ 15 & 15

Side Lateral Raises 3×10 @ 15 & 15

Iso vertical Rows 3×8 on ES 90 & 90

Face pulls 3×8 @ 27#

Plate Grip Shrugs 2×20 w/ 45′s



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Semi rest day.. Short run followed by a lot of laziness!




Notes: for such a short run, it was really difficult! I’m sore, my muscle ache and I’m tired. I’m def not getting enough sleep which maybe contributing to my lack of recovery.



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I really should have rested today as I’m still incredibly sore, but we had a early morning storm coming and I just couldn’t resist the urge to run in it! Sorry no little square or stats with this run. I took a lot of pics so there was a lot stops along my run. LOL, running after storm pics may bring new meaning to storm chasing.


My run was about 2 hours and a slow pace with stops for pic taking. And I’m not going to do anything else productive today so no real reason to wait till tomorrow to post.. So here’s my run in pics. These are all cell phone pics so not my best work as I haven’t mastered taking pics in the dark with my cell yet.








When I started this run, the sun was rising and it was light out. But as this storm cloud moved over the area it became increasingly dark. To the point where for a while it looked as if night time had come back. Then suddenly there were all these clouds lightening up with flashes of light and the wind all once began to tear threw the area and for a while there was even a nice rotation to one the areas. I half excepted a tornado to drop out of the sky but it died away. I was almost sad to see it go because you can literally feel the energy of these storms outside when they build up or pass you buy. It’s really quite a rush of energy.




Pure energy..




These are the clouds that had the a bit of rotation to them. For a while they had a nice little circle to them.








Run likes this are always amazing. To be able to start a run with such a beautiful sunrise and then be able to watch this ineradicable storm move in with so much energy and force is just amazing. It’s why I love to run. You just can’t experiences that looking out a window.

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Hehe.. it's a legless lizard. You have to wonder if they other lizards give them handicap signs for the east to access burrows.


I took 3 days off running. Did some hiking and a little biking. Took things easy in the hopes of letting my back recover and muscles recover some. I think the addition speed work in my running, along with rowing & lifting was to much change. I couldn’t recover from it. So I rested a few days and I will build things back up but at a slower pace.


My plan is to return to running. Starting with 3 miles a day and I’m just dropping the speed work for now. The rowing and lifting are more important to me right now. I want be lifting this week. I’ll start that next week with shorter lifting sessions. As for rowing I’ve dropped it down to 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the had bike. I will build my time up from there.


Sorry not a lot to share about recovery days.. I rest, I walk, I eat… blah, blah..

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I haven’t been tracking diet, and aside from this run all I did was my 15 minutes of rowing and my 15 minutes on the hand bike. Short today. Tomorrow I will post full workout day, new goals or I guess just reworked goals.. yet again. LOL, I know it’s frustrating.. but the constant readjusting for my on going back problems is something I’ve learned to live with and constantly adapt to.


AND OMG I stopped stretching during my down time.. biggest fucking I think I have ever made! When I tried stretching today it was like starting over! The muscle tightened back up really fast it’s like starting over. They back and leg muscles are extremely tight and painful. ugh.. my own fault though..



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What is the data program/app you use?


For exercise I use the pro version of endomondo with a heart rate monitor. For diet tracking I use my fit pal connected with body media.


The squares are made by cropping screen shots and putting then in a collage.


Im finding it to be a faster and easier way to trackk then copying or typing things out. Plus I can post them to instagram with a few training notes.

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Notes: I think I could have done 5 but I have a new training plan and I thought it best to stick to it for now. Last week I was having recovery problems so I pulled back on training and I’ll have to rebuild again.



Notes: I managed 25 minutes of rowing today before my back spazed. I think this is mostly a problem with the muscle tightness. It’s the forward stretch giving me trouble. I think muscles just need time to stretch and lengthen.



Notes: The walk went good, I carried my training pack from hiking for added weight.



Notes: That is actually a bigger def then I wanted. I guess it’s ok though. I’ve really struggled to lose even a little weight and it looks like it actually might be a result of thyroid problems. *sigh* Which probably also explains the bouts I have with extreme fatigue sometimes. I’m not going on any meds right now though. Every sense the back injury and my training again I’ve had like this domino effect of injuries, health problems ect.. for example the back injury cause me to walk hunched for a while which lead to alignment issues which lead to a knee problem, then a foot problem.. ect. But with each case I’ve been able to work through, rehab and fix each problem so that I’ve come out better off. So I’m just going to continue doing that and assume that as long as I continue moving forward I will eventually reach my goals. So I don’t really bother fretting or getting to wrapped up in each little problem. I just focused on what I need to do and the end goal.


…and in case you haven’t seen them the toddlers.. I named then Grumpy & Perking, because one of them is looks grumpy and the other is always way to happy to see people. They live near me and they haven’t quite learned to fly yet so I find them hopping around and sleeping in the grass on occasion.





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This was my first run.. it really looked like the storm was passing. There lightening had mostly died down and the rain had stopped. I even looked at the weather map and it showed the rain past us, so I went on my run. A mile in it very suddenly started to pour! I mean pour! With in minutes I was running in water that was covering my feet completely! *sigh* So I turned around and headed home. Other then that it was a good run.. The pace is off because I stopped and took some pictures while running. One day I’ll just use the auto stop function.




Take 2 ...




The pace a bit off here to, yes I took a few pics on this run to. At least it was drier. I followed this up with 30 minutes of stretching, Along with post run stretch routine I have a back rehab stretching program so I mixed them together.





Breakfast 5-7 Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber

20 – oz water

Coffee, soy creamer, fiber, splenda , Banana

147 36 0 1 6 9


Meal 2 8-10

Plant fusion vegan protein powder, light soy milk, fiber, frozen mixed fruit

20 – oz water

225 23 4 29 530 8


Meal 3 11-1

Pineapple fried brown rice, with 2 cups veggies & tofu

10 oz water

363 66 2 21 920 10


Meal 4 2-4

2 cups of fruit

10 oz water

160 49 0 0 15 3


Meal 5 5 -7

Baked potato wedges w/ diced onions, tomatoes, peppers, almond cheese, guacamole, vegan sour cream

10 oz water

401 50 17 14 1,124 8



kettle chips

20 oz water

150 17 8 2 170 1


Hydration Total: 90 oz

All vegan, corn, wheat & nut free. EXCEPT for the fiber that has wheat in it.



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Running went good today. I was tempted to increase the mileage, But with the problems I had last week I’m hesitant to go off my training plan. I’m a little afraid if I start rushing miles that I’ll end up like last week.. stuck not being able to recover. On the bright side I wasn’t in any pain today. My knee seams to be slowly getting better and my back pain is mostly gone. I am still stuck with the insane tightness in my lower back and legs but hopefully if I continue stretching and not slack off it that will improve quickly.









I actually didn’t mean to have this large of a deficit, I ate more then I normally do so I thought I was doing better then that. I guess I under estimated my calorie burn for the. I didn’t make the best food choices at dinner, I ate 3 bowls of Fruity Pebbles with unsweetened coconut milk for dinner. That probably wasn’t good?? But the rest of the day was good. Mainly fruits, veggies, brown rice & vegan protein.



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(My son thinks the face in the clouds looks like a pug ate a baby and they morphed together. Which I guess makes it a puaby.)




I’m finding I need a good sensor of humor and the possibility of killing the only kid in the house with my cooking! So he’s close to adulthood you would think if he survived my cooking this long a few more years would be a breeze. But no. His food allergies are clearly becoming more sensitive. We just learned about them a few weeks ago and I can tell there’s a lot to learn when someone says your kid can’t eat wheat, gluten, corn or peanuts! There are so many ingredients that are made from or with these ingredients! It’s difficult to buy anything that doesn't have these ingredients in it so we've been eating very simply lately. Sunday we “thought” we had found a bbq sauce that was wheat & corn free, so I made bbq chicken for the kid.


BIG MISTAKE!! Before he had even finished eating he was struck with stomach pains, quickly progressing to shortness of breath, ill feeling and swelling in his face and neck area. We quickly treated him and he improved before it became life threatening, but it was damn close and very scary! We keep benadryl and an epi pen right in the kitchen so we are prepared! Even with that though it’s still a bit scary.


This is the first time an anaphylactic reaction has happened so quickly. I’m not sure if this is a sign the allergies are worsening or if maybe his reaction to allergens (in this case we think corn) has become more sensitive. Like when you stop eating certain foods for allergy reasons does the body have a stronger reaction because it’s no longer accustom to dealing with the reaction? I’ll have to ask his doctor.












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