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Raw Food Macros


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carbs and fats shouldnt be much of a problem, nuts will help with fats & protein a little, beans, quinoa, leafy vegetables (not very dense but eh) are all good, i think it would be exceptionally hard to hit your macros unless you considered some "Raw" powders like sunwarrior (i don't like the taste, but they claim it's raw as they use some water extraction point, and it's never heated above some certain point)

lentils, chickpeas, yellow peas

perhaps you can get your hands on some edamame? i have no idea how it tastes raw, but it's essentially immature soy beans, so it's bound to have some protein

but yeah, most vegan sources of protein also have much more carbs than protein in them


-- oh just remembered, no grains, carbs might be a bit harder then, i expect you'll just have to eat loads of fruit and salads and vegetables, eh it won't be a problem, everything vegan is loaded with carbs lol

anyway i'm not raw, i sometimes go raw when i get a cold or something, i'm sure some of rawies here will have some tricks for you


good luck

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