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New to veganism, is this meal plan going to work for me?


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Just Started being vegan, and i've devised this meal plan to eat every day


I'm 6'1" 215 pounds and ~17/18% fat so I want to get more lean


do you see any gaps with the nutrition? or have any suggestions? do the macronutrient ratios look good? Is 2026 calories too little? (I just started med school so I'm sitting in class and studying a lot, and i only lft 3 days and week...)


I was thinking of switching supper and lunch? and also adding some pumpkin seeds somewhere


2026 calorie plan

24% Protein - 129g

57% Carbs - 311g

19% Fat - 47g




P(50) C(22) F(13) - Cals 364


- 2 scoop sun warrior protein

- 2 tbsp (20g) hemp seed

- 1 tsp coffee

- 340g of spinach



P(39) C (79) F(13) - cals 537

gala apple


- Almonds (17g)

- 1/8 tsp Cinamon, nutmeg, ginger

- 1 banana medium (118g/7”)

- strawberries (230g)

- 1tsp coffee

- 2 scoops sun warrior protein



P(39) C(162) F(21) Cals 945

Quinoa and Bean Chili (crock pot: Quinoa, beans, tomatoes, onion, g-pepper, jalepeno, honey, cumin garlic...)



(P1) C(48) F(0) cals 180

29 (144g) red grapes

gala apple



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looks good to me, i personally would eat more beans, chickpeas etc, just so i dont have to have as many smoothies, i don't think that would work as well on a cutting diet, so yeah, as long as you are at a calorie defecite, it should be fine, just track your weight every day, write it down, and see how the curve is going after a few weeks, and alter appropriately

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